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K. Lorraine Graham Uncovers the Modernist References in Susana Gardner’s Nonharmless Herso: An Heirship in Waves August 9, 2012: K. Lorraine Graham gives Susana Gardner's Herso: An Heirship in Waves (Black Radish 2011) its full due at her blog Spooks by Me (she read it four times!), mentioning to our delight that "I mean, look back at the cover and tell me that is not a reference to Mina Loy, pregnant, watching Arthur Cravan sail away into oceanic oblivion" (really a [...] by

Papers for the Border Podcast #13: The Poetry Episode May 7, 2012: Check out #13 of The Papers for the Border Podcast, run by Dan Coffey. This is the Poetry Episode, and features recordings from Carla Harryman, Rod Smith, Hannah Weiner, Jackson Mac Low, Jen Hofer, Leslie Scalapino, David Antin ("Who Are My Friends?"), Anne Waldman with Steve Lacy, Heather Fuller, Alvin Curran with Clark Coolidge, Susana Gardner, [...] by