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What the Editors of N+1 are Reading March 19, 2014: Awful lot of writing by women here... good work gang! Keep it up! Just yesterday, at N+1-- I finished Janet Malcolm’s The Silent Woman—her biography of Sylvia Plath—four weeks ago, and it gave me the best kind of vertigo. Malcolm approaches her subject with an almost monastic devotion: as a researcher, she demonstrates the necessary [...] by

Mary Jo Bang on the ‘Tender youthful sketches’ of Sylvia Plath March 11, 2014: For PN Review 216, Mary Jo Bang considers Faber & Faber's new publication: Sylvia Plath: Drawings, edited by Frieda Hughes. We are right to be interested in an artist’s early work. In Plath’s case, that means the poems. The early work shows the promise that was realised in the ‘late’ poems (where ‘late’ is age 30). But [...] by

Sylvia Plath’s Safe Haven: New York City in 1953 October 30, 2013: Though the format is excruciatingly stylish, we'd recommend attempting to read this story at The Aesthete by Roxane Gay on Sylvia Plath's life in New York, where she worked in the summer of 1953 as a guest editor for Mademoiselle (RIP). Gay looks specifically through the lens of Elizabeth Winder's Pain, Parties, Work: Sylvia Plath in New York, [...] by

Sylvia Plath’s ‘Nick and the Candlestick’ September 25, 2013: Virtuosity, sheer eloquence, in great work has its own meanings: in the best Shakespeare sonnets, as a kind of sexual display or gift to the courted person, with the acrobatic wit amplifying courtship with excellence. In Keats's “Ode to a Nightingale” the verbal richness is like the banner or ceremonial sword of acknowledged mortality, [...] by

Quiz Quiz Quiz: Don Draper or Sylvia Plath? September 19, 2013: Have five seconds? We just tried our scrollpad on this quiz CBC Books: "Who Said It: Don Draper or Sylvia Plath?" Let's just say it's tougher than it looks: a FACEOFF for the Creative Director of Mad Men and our behemoth, learned Plath. Or, as they write: She's an American poet. He's a creative director of the American advertising [...] by

Faber Publishes New Book of Sylvia Plath’s Drawings September 4, 2013: Who knew that Sylvia Plath could pen both artful poetry AND drawings?! Oh, wait, that's us! From Siobhan Fenton at Fawn Review comes this most welcome heads up! Regardless of your opinion of Sylvia Plath, there is no denying she made a considerable mark in her short life. Since she first arrived in Cambridge as a Fulbright scholar from [...] by

Elizabeth Bishop’s ‘One Art’ Scores a -2.50305521472 June 6, 2013: Turns out, in the literary death match between Sylvia Plath and Elizabeth Bishop, it's Plath all the way! Or, that's to say, Plath's poem "Edge" (which scored a 1.42302654867) is closer to the "professional" end of the spectrum according to the Poetry Assessor, an application created by an Australian team of computational linguists to quantify [...] by

Sylvia Plath’s ‘Sheep in Fog’ Drafts to Be Sold May 6, 2013: In the latest Sylvia Plath news, ArtDaily reports that the complete working papers for Plath's "Sheep in Fog" poem are to be sold on May 8th for a sum between £30,000-35,000. That is certainly a lot of weight for a single draft, but as the article reports, the drafts "provide a vivid and detailed insight into the fragility of the poet’s [...] by

Dark Places (Part Two) April 30, 2013: The easy part was posting other people’s answers to the question: “Why Do You Write?” in Part One. Now comes the tricky part: answering the question myself. One of the first poems I ever wrote, at age 5, went like this: I like crackers I like bread Because they’re both dead The companion piece to that poem was [...] by

The Poetry of Our Youth April 25, 2013: Why can’t I hear the music of my youth with objectivity? I really don’t know if The Unforgettable Fire is a great album or not because I loved U2 so ardently in high school that the profound and sticky wistfulness of unfulfilled teenage desire roars back to life at each listening. Of course, many songs I still like from that time I know [...] by