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R.I.P. Valerie Eliot November 12, 2012: T.S. Eliot’s widow, Valerie, passed away on Friday at 86. From the Daily Mail: Valerie Eliot, the widow of T.S. Eliot and zealous guardian of the poet’s literary legacy for almost half a [...] by

A Visit to the Dry Salvages of Eliot’s Four Quartets October 15, 2012: James Parker wrote this piece for The Boston Globe. In it, he describes a trip to the Dry Salvages, a group of rocks, with a beacon, off the N.E. coast of Cape Ann, Massachusetts, that makes an [...] by

Carina Finn Immortalizes T.S. Eliot September 27, 2012: Many thanks to Carina Finn for her tribute to T.S. Eliot on his birthday yesterday. To celebrate, she performed this song and made this video. The title? “The Love Song of J. Alfred [...] by

Happy Birthday, Old Possum! September 26, 2012: September 26th wouldn’t be complete without wishing T.S. Eliot a happy birthday. To help with the celebration, jump over to the Huffington Post to check out some quotes and photos of O.P. [...] by

Your Weekly Dose of T.S. Eliot July 30, 2012: Let us go then, you and I, to celebrate T.S. Eliot this Monday afternoon. The Open Culture website posted two grand recordings of T.S. Eliot reading from his most famous works, “The Waste [...] by

Prufrock, Adamantine Stupidity, Tennessee Williams, and Latin American Modernists July 3, 2012: We talk a lot about poets’ first appearances in Poetry and one of the most influential, and most frequently mentioned, is T.S. Eliot’s “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock.” The poem [...] by

A Plethora of Reviews on the Third Collection of T.S. Eliot’s Letters July 2, 2012: The third installment of T.S. Eliot’s letters is out, and the reviews are in. According to The Guardian, this volume chronicles “the separation of the dapper man of letters from the agonised [...] by

PJ Harvey Is Just One Love Song Among Many for T.S. Eliot May 23, 2012: The Guardian tells us that pop music makers have one thing in common: T.S. Eliot? Eliot would not have loved pop music but pop music loves Eliot. Ninety years after the publication of The Waste Land, [...] by

TLS on The Waste Land App: “Only digital in the sense that it requires the use of a finger” February 20, 2012: T.S. Eliot’s The Waste Land was one of the first digital books for Apple’s iPad, “reported last summer to have made a profit within six weeks of going on sale.” We also [...] by

Why writers won’t surrender to the electronic paper trail December 22, 2010: Besides reading James Somers’ essay in The Atlantic, you can play back and review the entire process of writing it here. Long before word processors overwrote each step on the way to a final [...] by