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‘The Waste Land’ à la RapGenius March 22, 2013: Thanks to Nick Moran at The Millions, we happily spent an hour or with, as he puts it, “Nineteen intrepid RapGenius users [as they] set out to break down the ‘cultural clusterf*ck and [...] by

Which Jo(h)nson Is It?…Eliot Doesn’t Know February 13, 2013: A letter written by T.S. Eliot has surfaced after 40 years of obscurity, according to this news item from the BBC. The letter was a addressed to Jacob Isaacs and concerned the republication of [...] by

T.S. Eliot Had a Day Job Too, Ya Know! January 18, 2013: We’re grateful to the Paris Review blog for linking over to this article at Full Stop, by Robert Fay, discussing T.S. Eliot’s bank years at Llyod’s Bank of London. Fay also has a [...] by

Eliot’s Dirty Laundry May Air Now November 19, 2012: We’ve been covering Valerie Eliot’s death here and here. Now, the The Guardian wonders what treasures will soon surface from Eliot’s desk: The true creative impact of the mental [...] by

More About the Vital Valerie Eliot November 15, 2012: We mentioned, earlier this week, that Valerie Eliot, wife of T. S. Eliot, has passed away. More to Eliot than meets the eye, of course. The New York Times has just published its obit, noting that the [...] by

R.I.P. Valerie Eliot November 12, 2012: T.S. Eliot’s widow, Valerie, passed away on Friday at 86. From the Daily Mail: Valerie Eliot, the widow of T.S. Eliot and zealous guardian of the poet’s literary legacy for almost half a [...] by

A Visit to the Dry Salvages of Eliot’s Four Quartets October 15, 2012: James Parker wrote this piece for The Boston Globe. In it, he describes a trip to the Dry Salvages, a group of rocks, with a beacon, off the N.E. coast of Cape Ann, Massachusetts, that makes an [...] by

Carina Finn Immortalizes T.S. Eliot September 27, 2012: Many thanks to Carina Finn for her tribute to T.S. Eliot on his birthday yesterday. To celebrate, she performed this song and made this video. The title? “The Love Song of J. Alfred [...] by

Happy Birthday, Old Possum! September 26, 2012: September 26th wouldn’t be complete without wishing T.S. Eliot a happy birthday. To help with the celebration, jump over to the Huffington Post to check out some quotes and photos of O.P. [...] by

Your Weekly Dose of T.S. Eliot July 30, 2012: Let us go then, you and I, to celebrate T.S. Eliot this Monday afternoon. The Open Culture website posted two grand recordings of T.S. Eliot reading from his most famous works, “The Waste [...] by