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PJ Harvey Is Just One Love Song Among Many for T.S. Eliot May 23, 2012: The Guardian tells us that pop music makers have one thing in common: T.S. Eliot? Eliot would not have loved pop music but pop music loves Eliot. Ninety years after the publication of The Waste Land, he remains the lodestar poet for ambitious songwriters. They rummage through his masterpiece's treasure chest of arresting phrases: the [...] by

TLS on The Waste Land App: “Only digital in the sense that it requires the use of a finger” February 20, 2012: T.S. Eliot's The Waste Land was one of the first digital books for Apple's iPad, "reported last summer to have made a profit within six weeks of going on sale." We also pointed to the NYT, which reported that the application even knocked Marvel Comics out of the top spot on the list for top-grossing book apps. Today, the Times Literary [...] by

Why writers won’t surrender to the electronic paper trail December 22, 2010: Besides reading James Somers' essay in The Atlantic, you can play back and review the entire process of writing it here. Long before word processors overwrote each step on the way to a final product, T.S. Eliot's meticulous "versioning" of "The Waste Land" allowed scholars to peer into the writer's process when all of the drafts, notes, and [...] by

The Tyranny of Relevance (and Greatness) November 12, 2010: Anwar Oduro-Kwarteng takes on the question of poetry's relevance in The Independent, making a case that a "vacuous, objective" application of relevance doesn't hold up when "great poems transcend time." The problem emerges however, when the term “relevance” is misused, especially when referring to the arts. In this guise, it takes on an [...] by

Pssst: T.S. Eliot almost flunked out of Harvard June 28, 2010: An exhibit to mark the 100-year anniversary of T.S. Eliot's graduation includes evidence that his record was less than stellar. The Boston Globe has details. T.S. Eliot graduated from Harvard 100 years ago this month. To celebrate the occasion, the university dug up from its archives some of the poet’s personal effects and displayed them [...] by