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Faber Publishes New Book of Sylvia Plath’s Drawings September 4, 2013: Who knew that Sylvia Plath could pen both artful poetry AND drawings?! Oh, wait, that's us! From Siobhan Fenton at Fawn Review comes this most welcome heads up! Regardless of your opinion of Sylvia Plath, there is no denying she made a considerable mark in her short life. Since she first arrived in Cambridge as a Fulbright scholar from [...] by

Dark Places (Part Two) April 30, 2013: The easy part was posting other people’s answers to the question: “Why Do You Write?” in Part One. Now comes the tricky part: answering the question myself. One of the first poems I ever wrote, at age 5, went like this: I like crackers I like bread Because they’re both dead The companion piece to that poem was [...] by

Ted Hughes’s Brother, Gerald, Writes a Memoir October 16, 2012: [caption id="attachment_55500" align="alignright" width="500" caption="Ted Hughes (far right) with his brother Gerald and sister Olwyn"][/caption] Gerald Hughes, the older brother of Ted Hughes, has written a memoir detailing their childhood in Yorkshire. From The Guardian: Gerald was 10 years older than Ted – a gap large enough to [...] by

Ted Hughes’s Letter to his Son September 18, 2012: From Letters of Note: A wise and inspiring letter from Ted Hughes to his 24-year-old son, Nicholas. Early in the letter, Hughes describes his life in America with his wife, Sylvia Plath, writing, "I came to America, when I was 27, and lived there three years as if I were living inside a damart sock... We made hardly any friends, no close ones, [...] by

Ted Hughes’s Fishing Map: A Close Read June 26, 2012: Today, Granta treats us to a brief letter written by Ted Hughes, explaining the best fishing spots to a photographer friend. Hughes’s prose is accompanied by detailed maps, which, according to poet Simon Armitage, illuminate the writer’s qualities as much as his more literary letters. Hughes’s maps are old-school, the kind we [...] by

Plath and Hughes on the Road to Cornucopia May 8, 2012: A write-up in the Ashland Current touches upon the highlight of Ted Hughes and Sylvia Plath's "Jack Kerouac-inspired cross-country road trip" that brought them to Cornucopia, Wisconsin. From the article: The highlight of their trip: Cornucopia, an unincorporated fishing village on the shore of Lake Superior, said David Trinidad, [...] by

Ted Hughes’ Crow Poems Brought to the Stage March 29, 2012: According to the BBC, The puppet company behind the hit stage play War Horse has given the first glimpse of its creations for a new show based on Ted Hughes' dark and mythical Crow poems. The world premiere of Crow will be in July as part of the Greenwich and Docklands International Festival. It is one of the artistic centrepieces [...] by

Can Andrew Motion cure verse-drama’s identity issues? March 2, 2011: And does he need to? With the news that Andrew Motion has turned playwright, The Guardian's Andrew Haydon questions his own knee-jerk response that poetry and theater can't mix. In fact, there's not even a phrase that accurately describes the combination (although to be fair to Motion, no one will know whether the "poetry" or the "theater" should [...] by

Crow: The Life and Songs (and Found Photos) of the Crow December 17, 2010: Mark Asch of The L Magazine talks with artist Simon Lee and musician Algis Kizys about their new film project, an interpretation of Ted Hughes's poetry collection Crow: From the Life and Songs of the Crow. To make the film, Lee collected found photographs, mostly snapshots, from junk stores and flea markets and narrowed his selections to fit each [...] by

Billboard Koan, Shitty Namaste April 5, 2010: The Ben Franklin Bridge connects Philadelphia and Camden NJ, where both wine and gas are cheaper. The first thing you see from the bridge’s eastbound downside (as they say in traffic reports—my current unstartable poem is called “Eastbound Downside”) is the big red-and-blackgray billboard advertising Droid, Verizon’s new iPhone-type [...] by