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Dead Poets Society’s Alarming Anti-Intellectualism & the Fate of the Humanities February 19, 2014: The Atlantic has an in-depth piece on the movie Dead Poets Society being anti-intellectual, or in fact, a "terrible defense of the humanities." Writer Kevin J.H. Dettmar hates it, even though he can advocate for passionate teaching: "But passion alone, divorced from the thrilling intellectual work of real analysis, is empty, even dangerous." [...] by

Moonlighting Poets November 4, 2013: As The Atlantic recently posted: Writers who have day jobs outside the literature industry aren't a new thing. Oscar Wilde wrote, "The best work in literature is always done by those who do not depend on it for their daily bread and the highest form of literature, Poetry, brings no wealth to the singer." Exploring the double life [...] by

‘I’m in the reservation of my mind’: Sherman Alexie’s Early Inspiration October 17, 2013: Turns out, Sherman Alexie wasn't always a committed poet and writer. In fact, his early aspirations were to teach high school and coach basketball. We're all very glad that he encountered the poetry of Adrian C. Louis, which set him on track to write all the great poems and fiction he's written over the years. The Atlantic digs in to Alexie's [...] by

Angst For Hire August 16, 2013: The Atlantic recently posted an article noting a Craigslist ad from an enterprising poet, Aaron Belz, that read: "Poet available to begin work immediately. Capable in rhyme and meter, fluent in traditional and contemporary forms. Quotidian observations available at standard rate of $15/hour; occasional verse at slightly higher rate of [...] by

La Vie Bohème August 8, 2013: The Atlantic recently posted a brilliant critique (from Garance Franke-Ruta) of a recent n+1 article lamenting the perceived disappearance of income and prestige for artists in a modern, highly gentrified New York City. The n+1 article argues: We are witnessing and sometimes personally experiencing a sharp de-classing of [...] by

Where Dickinson and Daredevil Meet? August 7, 2013: The Atlantic just posted an article comparing comics and poetry, due to both mediums' dependence on precise spatial arrangement on the page. The article sites Hillary Chute's Poetry magazine feature, "Secret Labor," which examines the congruency argument's merits: The most fruitful analogy to comics might be poetry. Alison Bechdel [...] by

The Search for Sylvia Plath’s Obituary February 12, 2013: The Atlantic's Ashley Fetters went looking for an obituary for Sylvia Plath, who committed suicide 50 years ago this week, but was surprised to find... none. Fetters writes: At the time of her death by suicide—50 years ago, on February 11, 1963—she was a published novelist and an acclaimed poet; beyond that, she was also a [...] by

“Skin” remixed in interactive, interpersonal literature March 9, 2011: Missed connection: 2,095 pieces of "Skin" have been seeking each other since 2003. Each has a single word tattooed on its body thanks to the writer Shelley Jackson who asked each "word" to volunteer as part of a human story which was never published in any other format. According to The Atlantic's Alexis Madrigal: The pieces of it wandered [...] by

Why writers won’t surrender to the electronic paper trail December 22, 2010: Besides reading James Somers' essay in The Atlantic, you can play back and review the entire process of writing it here. Long before word processors overwrote each step on the way to a final product, T.S. Eliot's meticulous "versioning" of "The Waste Land" allowed scholars to peer into the writer's process when all of the drafts, notes, and [...] by