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Believable: The Believer Announces Shortlist for The Believer Poetry Award March 7, 2014: "As with the Believer Book Award, each year the editors of the Believer select five recent poetry collections they thought were the finest and most deserving of greater recognition." The five finalists for The Believer Poetry Award are below! The winner will be announced in the May 2014 issue. To Anacreon in Heaven and Other Poems by [...] by

The Believer Logger & Dorothea Lasky’s Creativity Room January 16, 2014: The Believer Poets' Bookshelves series has struck gold this time (or should we say, Bakelite!). Just up are lovely photographs of Dorothea Lasky's creativity room and shelving. Color color color. Check out the whole post at The Believer Logger. And if you're in Chicago next week, check out more of Lasky's color here. by

Take a Look at Chris Nealon’s Bookshelves November 13, 2013: Newest addition to The Believer's ongoing series of photographing poets' bookshelves is none other than Chris Nealon! Hooray. We spy a LIES journal, some good political theory, Wallace Stevens, Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick's The Weather in Proust--this is like a natural, visceral Bookforum syllabus. Speaking of Chris Nealon, did you know you can [...] by

Tao Lin Interviews Ben Lerner at The Believer August 5, 2013: Tao Lin interviews Ben Lerner for The Believer: “YOU’RE A POET; DON’T YOU HATE MOST POEMS?” Tao writes as an introduction: Increasingly, each book by Ben seems to be edited with the knowledge of some future position (like how one edits previous pages of a book after completing the final pages, then edits the final pages again, [...] by

Miranda Mellis + Robert Glück Rock-Out In The Believer June 20, 2013: Any treats inside the newest issue of The Believer? You bet! Scoop up the newest issue (number ninety-nine, to be exact) to read Miranda Mellis's brilliant and contemplative interview with poet, fiction writer, editor, and New Narrative theorist Robert Glück. As they say in The Believer: "Significant objects mentioned herein: a [...] by

The Believer Poetry Award Shortlist March 5, 2013: The Believer (no, not the Ryan Gosling movie that ne'er could, though we like him controversially pious) will announce the winner of their third-annual Believer Poetry Award in the next issue; for now, here's the shortlist (that's "five recent poetry collections they thought were the finest and most deserving of greater recognition"): The [...] by

In The Believer, Diana Hamilton on Josef Kaplan’s Democracy Is Not for the People January 3, 2013: We are heartened: Diana Hamilton has reviewed Josef Kaplan's Democracy Is Not for the People (back in stock!) for The Believer! Will wonders never. You'll have to purchase the print issue go here to read the full text, but for now, enjoy the smartness of the excerpt: Most readers know that poetry does not function the same way essays [...] by