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John Ashbery reads from his translation of Rimbaud at the New School February 18, 2011: Via The Best American Poetry, John Ashbery reads his translation of Arthur Rimbaud's "Promontory" from Illuminations. Originally published in 1886, Norton will release Ashbery's translation in May, though not with his above comments about scholars' endless attempts to track Rimbaud through Scarborough just because he mentions it in the poem. [...] by

European and Anglophone identities combine in experimental UK poetry January 18, 2011: On The Best American Poetry blog, Leslie McGrath talks with Carrie Etter, an American expat poet living in England, about the relationships between American and British experimental poetry. When McGrath was managing editor of Drunken Boat and saw it as part of her duty to fortify herself with as much experimental literature as possible, she had [...] by