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Simon Armitage Joins Beck in a Wild Performance July 1, 2015: Well this is rather unexpected! Now through July 27 at the Barbican, “Europe’s largest multi-arts and conference venue,” Beck will present a multimedia theater extravaganza inspired [...] by

Claudia Rankine to The Guardian: ‘The invisibility of black women is astounding’ June 30, 2015: Claudia Rankine’s Citizen has rocked poetry audiences stateside for quite a while now but on July 2 it will be published in England. The Guardian visits Rankine and learns more about her epic [...] by

New Poet Laureate Juan Felipe Herrera Brings New American Poetry to The Guardian June 22, 2015: Move over, Donald Allen! Juan Felipe Herrera just hit England! From The Guardian: “It’s a good thing, you know, it’s a good thing,” Juan Felipe Herrera told me on the phone last week, as he [...] by

A Vision of Hell: Nominated for Oxford Poetry Professorship, Philip Larkin Said ‘Count Me Out!’ June 1, 2015: Who’s it going to be, Simon Armitage, Ian Gregson, Seán Haldane, Wole Soyinka, or A.E. Stallings, as we come down to the wire for the nomination for the Oxford Professor of Poetry. As Oxford [...] by

Battle for Oxford Chair Heats Up as Wole Soyinka Responds to Incendiary Comments May 28, 2015: Need an update on the Oxford poetry chair? Sure you do. “Candidates for one of the most prestigious posts in poetry are embroiled in a war of words as Nobel laureate Wole Soyinka hit back at [...] by

Rare Book Thieves Cringe at Title of New Conference May 19, 2015: The Guardian reports that the British Library will host the first conference of its kind on the topic of book theft (entitled “The Written Heritage of Mankind in Peril”) after a series of [...] by

This Just In: Simon Armitage Joins Contenders for Oxford Professorship May 12, 2015: Wow! As we mentioned recently, the finalists for Oxford Professor of Poetry are slowly coming together. At the end of last week, we shared The Guardian’s news that Wole Soyinka was among the [...] by

The Guardian’s David Wheatley Examines JH Prynne: ‘Stockhausen of Modern Poetry’ May 11, 2015: How to begin reading J.H. Prynne’s poetry? Although the contemporary British poet’s writing is a challenge, there are certain rewards. As Wheatley writes: “There is something [...] by

Wole Soyinka Among Top Candidates for Oxford Professor of Poetry May 8, 2015: The Guardian reports that Wole Soyinka is leading the pack of three for the highly coveted position as Oxford professor of poetry, “a 300-year-old elected post which is seen as the top academic [...] by

The Guardian Visits Claerwen James March 24, 2015: The Guardian brought to light Claerwen James’s recollections of her father, the poet Clive James. Claerwen’s recollections are of an isolated childhood, without her father. She is an [...] by