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The Guardian Gives Poem of the Week to Denise Riley, Whose Say Something Back Is Shortlisted for Forward Prize 2016 June 16, 2016: The Guardian’s poem of the week is “Death makes the dead metaphor revive” by Denise Riley. Carol Rumens looks closely at the poem, putting it in the context of Riley’s other [...] by

Penguin Modern Poets Strikes Back! June 14, 2016: Guardian reports that the Penguin Modern Poets Series, the UK’s publisher of such luminaries as Allen Ginsberg, Gregory Corso, and Stevie Smith, is relaunching in order to highlight a new [...] by

Lorin Stein in Conversation With Frederick Seidel About Widening Income Inequality June 10, 2016: At The Guardian, Harvard-educated student of Ezra Pound and Robert Lowell, Frederick Seidel, speaks with Paris Review editor Lorin Stein about his new collection of poetry Widening Income Inequality. [...] by

R.I.P. Poetry Book Society June 3, 2016: Well this is lousy news. Founded over 60 years ago by T.S. Eliot, England’s Poetry Book Society is shutting its doors due to a lack of funding. From the Guardian: The organisation, which saw [...] by

Guardian Reviews Greek Poets’ Austerity Measures May 11, 2016: Hold up! “A new kind of poetry is flourishing in Greece’s streets, bars and cafes,” the Guardian reports. This adventurous new verse, the likes of which, unseen since the [...] by

Guardian Reviews English Renaissance Poetry edited by John Williams April 15, 2016: Guardian’s Nicholas Lezard applauds a collection of English Renaissance Poetry edited by American author and academic John Williams. Originally published in 1963, this is a [...] by

Guardian Introduces The New Greek Poetry March 28, 2016: At the Guardian Karen Van Dyck, editor of forthcoming Penguin anthology Austerity Measures: The New Greek Poetry, discusses the ways migration, poverty, and conflict are changing Greek poetry. One of [...] by

China’s Interest in Cambridge Real Estate: Is a Poem to Blame? March 23, 2016: The price of real estate in Cambridge (UK) is rising and the Guardian is wondering whether Xu Zhimo’s poem “Farewell to Cambridge,” written in the 1930s, a poem that many Chinese [...] by

The Guardian Shines a Light on Robert Montgomery’s Public Poetry March 22, 2016: Scottish poet Robert Montgomery is a featured artist in the Guardian’s poetry section, in an article exploring his raconteur distribution practice and artistic process. He has been called a [...] by

‘Whither would you go?’ British Library Digitizes Shakespeare’s Handwritten Plea on Behalf of Migrants March 16, 2016: The British Library is digitizing William Shakespeare’s last play script in his own handwriting: a scene where the playwright imagines Sir Thomas More making a statement on behalf of migrants. [...] by