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Tonight’s National Book Awards Belong to Claudia Rankine? November 19, 2014: At The Guardian, writer Michelle Dean argues that the Golden Globe of literary awards–that being, of course, the National Book Award–could very well go to Claudia Rankine for her [...] by

Clear the Runway: John Ashbery’s Collected French Translations Land November 19, 2014: This weekend The Guardian directed our attention to a new collection of John Ashbery’s French translations entitled Collected French Translations: Poetry. It’s a deceptively modest title [...] by

The Guardian Reviews Simon Armitage’s Paper Aeroplane: Selected Poems 1989-2014 November 14, 2014: Check it out! The Guardian sheds some sunny light on Simon Armitage’s newest collection of selected poems spanning from 1989-2014. “How did it get so late?” wonders Simon Armitage in Paper [...] by

Long-Lost Dylan Thomas Poetry Notebook Discovered in a Drawer November 14, 2014: At the Guardian, Mark Brown reports on a previously lost notebook belonging to Dylan Thomas, now recovered after 70 years of hiding in a Tesco paper bag at the bottom of a desk drawer. “The [...] by

Lost Perec Manuscript Discovered November 11, 2014: Until recently, Perec aficionados knew that there was one book that they couldn’t possibly have read, until now: Portrait of a Man. Perec completely divulged the truth of the early, unpublished [...] by

What Poetry is Stored in the U.K.’s Memory? September 24, 2014: A new study, spearheaded by Andrew Motion and a team of researchers at Cambridge University, sets out to survey individuals across the U.K. to find out “what poetry is stored in our nation’s [...] by

Manhattanville College to Host a Nobel Prize Contender Ngugi wa Thiong’o September 15, 2014: Kenyan writer Ngugi wa Thiong’o, who The Guardian writes is “tipped” for the 2014 Nobel prize in literature, will read at Manhattanville College on September 26th. The MFA program at [...] by

Help William Blake Save His Cottage September 12, 2014: The cottage William Blake lived in while writing two of his most beloved works, “Milton” and “Jerusalem,” is currently on the market and the Blake Society has been offered a [...] by

A 50 Greatest Love Poems List by The Guardian July 9, 2014: Check it out, Don Juan! This list includes love poems by poets from thirty countries including Latvia, Iraq, and South Africa. Love is all you need! There’s no “How do I love thee? Let me [...] by

‘It is about life': New Edition of Arthur Symons’s The Symbolist Movement in Literature July 2, 2014: The Symbolist Movement in Literature, by Arthur Symons, is a well-fond book of literary criticism (famously, T.S. Eliot called it a “revelation”), now republished and edited anew for the [...] by