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Unpublished Diary of W. H. Auden Sold to British Library for MANY £ June 27, 2013: The Guardian reports that an unpublished diary of W. H. Auden has been unearthed from private collectors and sold to the British Library. More: The journal was one of just three kept by the British poet. It had been in private hands since Auden's death in 1973, but was recently unearthed and sold earlier this month at Christie's in [...] by

At The Guardian: Karen Green’s Debut Collection, Bough Down June 10, 2013: Published by Siglio Press, Karen Green's debut collection of prose poems and collages, Bough Down, addresses her experiences following the suicide of her husband: the late David Foster Wallace. It's garnering fantastic reviews and we can't wait to read it. Most recently, Bough Down received some love from The Guardian: Artist Karen [...] by

D.H. Lawrence’s Uncensored War Poems March 25, 2013: Over the weekend the Guardian reported on a sequence of war poems by D.H. Lawrence that were hacked away at by the censor's pen and rendered "virtually meaningless." Now, those poems are being published and restored to their Lawrence-intended versions. More: D.H. Lawrence was an infamous victim of the censor as his sexually explicit [...] by

Lena Dunham, Jacqueline Rose, and Other Writers Think of Sylvia February 11, 2013: Today marks the 50th anniversary of Sylvia Plath's suicide, and at The Guardian, several poets and writers have reflected on The Bell Jar: "My focus through most of college was 'confessional female poets' with an emphasis on those who had committed suicide," writes Lena Dunham. Huh! Sharon Olds, Jennifer Egan, Jeanette Winterson, Jacqueline [...] by

Ed Dorn’s Collected Poems Reviewed February 1, 2013: At the Guardian, Patrick McGuinness guides us through Ed Dorn's much anticipated and massively large (clocking in at close to a 1K page count!) Collected Poems. McGuinness fills in the background of this shadowy gunslinger Mr. Dorn, and suggests a few starting points for the uninitiated reader: [Dorn] was associated with Black Mountain [...] by

Kurt Schwitters, the Lake Poet January 29, 2013: We're excited to see that the Tate is hosting a retrospective of Kurt Schwitters's late work. From the Guardian: The exhibition, which features more than 180 works, traces Schwitters' journey in Britain from an internment camp on the Isle of Man during the second world war to the London art scene to the Lake District where he began [...] by

Scottish Poetry Library visited by anonymous tree fairy March 4, 2011: In an audio interview with The Guardian Edinburgh, librarians Peggy Hughes and Lilias Fraser talk about the tree that appeared in the middle of the Scottish Poetry Library on Wednesday morning. Even surrounded with inspiration by some of the greatest poets to ever live, it would be difficult to find words to do justice to the paper tree, made from [...] by

Can Andrew Motion cure verse-drama’s identity issues? March 2, 2011: And does he need to? With the news that Andrew Motion has turned playwright, The Guardian's Andrew Haydon questions his own knee-jerk response that poetry and theater can't mix. In fact, there's not even a phrase that accurately describes the combination (although to be fair to Motion, no one will know whether the "poetry" or the "theater" should [...] by

“Everyone is their own blindspot” when it comes to picking new talent January 21, 2011: Poet and editor Don Paterson talks to The Guardian about why it's necessary to publish and create awards for new poetry like the Picador Prize, awarded to Richard Meier this year. The legwork involved in uncovering these talents is only half the battle. The network of poets is so tight that it doesn't take much for one to get noticed and referred [...] by

More Christmas lights are not the answer December 22, 2010: Need something to keep yourself going through the long, dark winter? The Guardian is here to help you turn that seasonal affective disorder upside down. Accompanying a post on why so many writers choose to work at night, the "Darkness in Literature" quiz tests your knowledge of all things nocturnal in poetry and prose and just might make [...] by