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Tips on Scoring that Poet Cutie November 5, 2013: Scenario: you’ve been crushing real hard on that super sensitive poet hunk for so long, but don’t know how to propose you two engage in some autumn snuggling. He’s holding a copy of [...] by

Alice Munro and Other Women Nobel Laureates in Literature October 10, 2013: We extend our congratulations to Alice Munro for being awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature this year. To close out the day, we thought it would be good to look back on the other women who have been [...] by

Denise Levertov’s Late Mystical Life October 8, 2013: At the Huffington Post, Carl McColman considers the role religion played in later life and work of Denise Levertov. McColman reminds us that a full-fledged Levertov revival is underway (not that [...] by

Crime Files: The Robert Frost Edition October 2, 2013: In case you were thinking of pilfering some Robert Frost letters and Christmas cards, think again. Such thievery will get you a fine of not $1, not $10, but a $100! This is according to the HuffPo: A [...] by

Huffington Post on Self Publishing: Here to Stay? August 22, 2013: Huffington Post published its speculations on the future of self-publishing in the age of the internet this week. In 1917 Virginia Woolf and her husband Leonard unpacked a small printing press in the [...] by

They’re Not Dead, They’re on Facebook March 12, 2013: Our friends over at HuffPo Books remind us through this neat list of “The Liveliest Dead Authors Online” that publish or perish might also be perish then publish! Ellen Meister writes [...] by

How to Read Dean Young February 15, 2013: The Huffington Post has posted a review of Dean Young’s latest, Bender: New and Selected Poems, a survey of 25 years of his poetry presented in alphabetical order. A gutsy move, no doubt, but [...] by

Seth Abramson Reviews Ceravolo, Downing & Other Distinctive January Books January 31, 2013: Seth Abramson works his review magic for The Huffington Post, calling out a lovely group of books published this month, such as Collected Poems, by Joseph Ceravolo (Wesleyan University Press, 2013) [...] by