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What Ben Lerner’s Reading, Courtesy of The Millions December 9, 2014: Get ready to start the new year off right! At The Millions, begin pulling together your reading list with a few recommendations from Ben Lerner. From where I’m sitting I can see the galleys of [...] by

Introducing Raúl Zurita to The Millions September 30, 2014: At The Millions, Magdalena Edwards introduces readers to the life and writings of Chilean poet Raúl Zurita, who persevered throughout his childhood and adolescence after the deaths of both his [...] by

Suzanne Scanlon on Karen Green’s Bough Down August 22, 2013: Suzanne Scanlon posts a thought-provoking write-up about Karen Green’s Bough Down over at The Millions. Scanlon considers books about death, addresses grief as a concept that is separate from [...] by

‘The Waste Land’ à la RapGenius March 22, 2013: Thanks to Nick Moran at The Millions, we happily spent an hour or with, as he puts it, “Nineteen intrepid RapGenius users [as they] set out to break down the ‘cultural clusterf*ck and [...] by

The Slippery Boundaries of ‘I’: Megan Kaminski Interview in The Millions January 30, 2013: Anne K. Yoder’s description of Megan Kaminski’s poetry closely mirrors our own interest: “I’ve been drawn to the intelligence, the linguistic precision, and the fascination with [...] by

Pablo Neruda and the fiction of a poet’s house in Chile January 13, 2011: Luke Epplin writes in The Millions about the pitfalls of literary tourism and how one’s perceived insight into an author is often the product of what the visitor hoped to gain by visiting the [...] by