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Happy 405th Birthday, John Milton! December 10, 2013: Four hundred and five year olds throw the sickest parties. On why Milton still matters, at the New Republic's "From the Stacks:" Columbia University is making a landmark in American scholarship and a monument to a great poet’s fame. Under the general editorship of Frank Allen Patterson, a staff of editors consisting of Professors [...] by

Joyce Carol Oates Maligns Robert Frost in Nov. Harper’s October 31, 2013: "Poetry . . . not in the business of believing." The New Republic's Alice Robb gets real with Joyce Carol Oates, taking the novelist to task for her portrayal of Robert Frost in a story called "Lovely, Dark, Deep," in this month's issue of Harper's. Oates "imagines a meeting between an aspiring writer and an aging Frost, [and] paints the [...] by

Lorin Stein and The Paris Review: The personal is professional is literary is a party February 28, 2011: Because it's a Fashion & Style piece, let's get a few things out of the way in The New York Times' profile of Paris Review editor Lorin Stein. Who makes his suits? Kirk Miller. What exclusive bar does he frequent? The Wooly. What literary figure's photobooth portrait keeps watch over his office bathroom? Frederick Seidel. There are also the [...] by