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The Case of the Headless Bard March 25, 2016: Did an 18th century doctor rob poor William Shakespeare of his noggin? Perhaps, reports Christopher D. Shea at the New York Times. As it turns out, recent scans of the Bard’s grave show [...] by

New York Times Visits Juan Delgado and Thomas McGovern in San Bernardino February 23, 2016: Following up after the recent tragedy in San Bernardino, New York Times visits poet Juan Delgado and photographer Thomas McGovern who collaborated on a book called Vital Signs published by Heyday in [...] by

Heather Phillipson Lives Where Poetic Expression and Contemporary Art Collide February 15, 2016: New York Times’s Ben Eastham spends a moment with British multidisciplinary artist and Faber-author Heather Phillipson who, like Frank O’Hara, finds solace in the place where visual art [...] by

Lisa Lucas to Become Executive Director of the National Book Foundation February 11, 2016: The third executive director of the organization, following Harold Augenbraum, who has served as E.D. since 2003, Ms. Lucas is the first woman to lead the National Book Foundation. She leaves behind [...] by

China’s NSFW Translation of Rabindranath Tagore February 9, 2016: With lines like “The world unzipped his pants in front of his lover. Long as a French kiss, slim as a line of a poem,” China is in an uproar over novelist Feng Teng’s new translation of [...] by

Huffington Post Introduces 20 Young Writers of Color and Their Favorite Poems February 9, 2016: Huffington Post takes on the New York Times’s très homogenous literature coverage with this meritorious list of exceptional young writers in their twenties, and the poems to which they aspire. [...] by

Daisy Fried Reviews C.D. Wright’s The Poet, the Lion February 8, 2016: It isn’t the last collection of C.D. Wright’s poetry, according to Copper Canyon Press, but it’s the first since the poet’s unexpected death last month. In her assessment, [...] by

The New York Times Pays a Visit to London’s Majestic Bookstore, Heywood Hill February 4, 2016: One paragraph in to this New York Times article about Heywood Hill and you’ll want to read more. The unique London literary landmark where Nancy Mitford once worked is a go-to for bibliophiles [...] by

Sarah Manguso Discusses Writerly Envy February 3, 2016: Ahh a topic that none of us know ANYTHING about: writerly envy. At New York Times Sarah Manguso writes: “There is envy of money, of accolades, of publication in this or that place. There is [...] by

Harmony Holiday’s Open Letter to Critics of Amiri Baraka February 2, 2016: Tiny shards of text material from the latest issue of the Chicago Review (59:03) are being published online; and standing out among them at the moment is this open letter from Harmony Holiday, [...] by