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Ginsy Goes to the Movies with Kill Your Darlings October 18, 2013: It's Friday, and if you're heading to the movies you can do a lot worse than checking out a flick featuring a young Allen Ginsberg! For all you beatniks out there, you probably already know that Ginsy wasn't always the pot smoking bearded Buddha. As a student at Columbia University, he looked more like... Harry Potter? The NY Times looks into [...] by

Longenbach’s Latest August 23, 2013: A recent New York Times book review for James Longenbach's latest, The Virtues of Poetry, emphatically starts with: The audience for poetry is like a vastly reduced version of the audience for college football — superstitious, gossipy and divided into factions no less fervent for having only an occasional idea of what’s going on [...] by

To Thine Own Self Be True August 13, 2013: There are no foregone conclusions when it comes to William Shakespeare's work. While some argue that Shakespeare didn't write most, or all, of his attributed plays and scripts, others argue that he was a ghost writer for other Elizabethan-era playwrights. As a New York Times article points out: For nearly two centuries, scholars [...] by

New Book of Roberto Bolaño’s Poetry Imminent July 10, 2013: A collection of Roberto Bolaño's poetry, translated by Laura Healy, is *almost* available, courtesy of New Directions. The collection, clocking in at a hefty 835 pages, is titled The Unknown University and it contains all of Bolaño's poetic work. In this recent review by Dwight Garner, published in the NYTimes, Garner writes that the [...] by

The New York Times on Kenny Goldsmith’s Seven American Deaths and Disasters June 20, 2013: The New York Times reviewed Kenny Goldsmith's "potent" new book, Seven American Deaths and Disasters (Random House 2013), which "transcribes the news." Dwight Garner writes of the book: Mr. Goldsmith, who refers to his writing as “mimetic and uncreative,” recently became the first poet laureate appointed by the Museum of Modern Art. [...] by

R.I.P. Kim Merker May 28, 2013: The New York Times reports on the passing of Kim Merker, publisher of fine-press poetry editions and champion of emerging poets, some of whom would go on to receive major literary awards. From the Times: For four decades, using presses he operated with his own inky hands, Mr. Merker was a designer, typesetter and printer of some of the [...] by

Lydia Davis Wins Man Booker Prize May 24, 2013: Every poet's favorite story writer, Lydia Davis, has won the Booker International Prize, reports the New York Times: Lydia Davis, the American writer known for her very short stories, has been awarded the Man Booker International Prize. The award, announced in London on Wednesday, is given every two years to a living author for “an [...] by

New Poems from Marcel Proust, D. H. Lawrence & F. Scott Fitzgerald March 27, 2013: Lots of new poetry arrivals from old prose hats today: Jacket Copy notes that a lot of handwritten poems by F. Scott Fitzgerald are to be auctioned, including one for actress Helen Hayes's daughter, Mary McArthur ("--- Put her in pigtails and give her to me"); and The Daily Beast gives us Proust's first poem, "Pederasty," written at age 17 and [...] by

The New York Times Reviews Kirill Medvedev’s It’s No Good March 21, 2013: [caption id="attachment_63093" align="alignright" width="500"] Kirill Medvedev[/caption] Kirill Medvedev's new book (in English), It's No Good, has been reviewed in The New York Times! (We wrote a bit about it here and here.) Now it is the turn of one Dwight Garner, who contextualizes the work with our favorite Russian punk band of the moment, [...] by

Robert Lowell and Flannery O’Connor, a Love Story March 5, 2013: Carlene Bauer's latest novel imagines the what-coulda-been love story between Robert Lowell and Flannery O'Connor. Though the two were indeed penpals, their epistolary relationship never developed into a full-on tryst. Over at the New York Times, Claudia La Rocco reviews the book: “Flannery, I love you very much,” the poet Robert [...] by