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Tapping the Poem February 25, 2013: We've been thinking a lot about codes, coding, and the relationship to poetry lately. So we were interested to see this article from the New York Times about John Borling's experience as a POW during the Vietnam War and his unique method of composition—tapping poems in a code to help lift the spirits of his fellow prisoners. Bill Keller [...] by

NYT Looks to Walt Whitman as U.S. Centers on Immigration Reform February 4, 2013: The New York Times's City Room blog reflects on the words of Walt Whitman in its consideration of the immigration reform at hand: City Room was reminded that more than 100 years ago one of America’s greatest poets, Walt Whitman, offered his own reflection of the nation’s shifting population and in particular the role of people of [...] by

Weekends with Tracy K. Smith January 28, 2013: It's Monday. We at Harriet are reassembling our collective consciousness and getting on with the work week. In this New York Times article that walks through a typical weekend with Tracy K. Smith and her family, we've been reminded how utterly sweet that two-day stretch can be in. Ever wonder what a Pulitzer Prize winning poet has for a [...] by

Ginsberg Photo Exhibition Reviewed at NYT January 21, 2013: Over at the New York Times, Ken Johnson reviews "Beat Memories: The Photographs of Allen Ginsberg” at the Grey Art Gallery and is more or less unimpressed with Ginsberg's photographic works. Sure, Ginsberg's a great poet, says Johnson, but "The best you can say about the pictures Ginsberg took during two periods in which he dabbled in the [...] by

Mary Ruefle Reviewed at New York Times January 16, 2013: In case you missed it, the New York Times posted an enthusiastic review of Mary Ruefle's recently(ish) published collection of essays, Madness, Rack, and Honey. David Kirby begins his review, writing, "This is one of the wisest books I’ve read in years, and it would be a shame to think that only poets will read it." Kirby then gives us a [...] by

New York Times Obituary of Poet and Editor Harvey Shapiro January 9, 2013: On Monday the New York Times published this obituary of Harvey Shapiro, poet and a long-time editor at the New York Times. In the obituary Margalit Fox calls Shapiro "an admired American poet who chose newspaper work over the time-honored academic vocation of his peers," and noted that as an editor at the Times, Shapiro "made an epochal [...] by

Jayne Cortez Obituary at the New York Times January 7, 2013: A little over a week ago we heard the sad news that poet Jayne Cortez had died, and we promised more news as it arrived. The New York Times has posted this obituary, noting that Cortez's poetry was "known for its visceral power, its political outrage and above all its sheer, propulsive musicality..." The piece goes on to discuss Cortez's [...] by

‘No Deal’ for Google book settlement, but plenty of chances to play again March 23, 2011: When Google settled their book scanning case with the Authors Guild and the Association of American Publishers for $125 million a few years ago, all sides were pretty happy with the deal. Google would get to index the 15 million books it had already scanned in partnerships with university libraries, and authors and publishers would get some [...] by