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On Poetry & Social Change: Claudia Rankine Discusses Adrienne Rich at New Yorker May 13, 2016: In the most recent New Yorker, Claudia Rankine discusses Adrienne Rich’s impact on her poetry, and explores Rich’s lifelong engagement with literature and social justice movements. More: [...] by

Ocean Vuong Interviewed for All Things Considered April 25, 2016: At NPR’s All Things Considered, poet Ocean Vuong discusses his debut collection, Night Sky With Exit Wounds (Copper Canyon Press, 2016), preserving his Vietnamese culture in the U.S., and more. [...] by

Times I’ve Got Paid April 21, 2016: It strikes me that Eileen Myles is the first person in this series of pieces about money and poetry to name dollar amounts. I think this is a working class origins thing. I don’t think I can claim [...] by

Marianne Moore’s Rebirth April 15, 2016: At the New Yorker Adrienne Raphel draws our attention to the fervent, outspoken readers immersed in Marianne Moore’s literary oeuvre—from Linda Leavell, Moore’s biographer, to Jonathan [...] by

‘Colloquial English was a Destination:’ New Yorker Profiles Ocean Vuong April 11, 2016: Born in Saigon, Ocean Vuong traveled to the United States in 1990; he grew up in Hartford, Connecticut. Although originally named Vinh Quoc Vuong, his mother renamed him Ocean when she learned its [...] by

Mallarmé! Mallarmé! Everywhere We Turn! April 5, 2016: If it seems you’re unable to turn a poetry-corner these days without running into Stéphane Mallarmé, you’re not alone. In recent years we’ve seen the publication of numerous new [...] by

Sadness as a Language for Other Readers March 24, 2016: In The New Yorker this morning, Haley Mlotek considers confessional writing by women, with a look at Melissa Broder’s new book of essays, So Sad Today. Mlotek weaves in a lot of writers and [...] by

‘What the hell is cowboy poetry, anyway?’ New Yorker’s Carson Vaughan Visits R.P. Smith, Nevada, to Find Out March 17, 2016: The National Cowboy Poetry Gathering began when a group of “western folklorists” including Hal Cannon, the festival’s founding director, set out to “preserve America’s [...] by

A Woman of Property, by Robyn Schiff, Reviewed at The New Yorker March 14, 2016: “We’ve all had the experience of trying to power down our minds before sleep; [Robyn] Schiff has made an art of that anxious, self-patrolling state,” writes Dan Chiasson for the current [...] by

Mark Rylance Discusses Minnesota Poet Louis Jenkins’s Influence on Nice Fish’s Script March 7, 2016: At The New Yorker Mark Rylance, star of the play Nice Fish now running at St. Ann’s Warehouse, discusses the impact of Louis Jenkins’s prose poems on the play’s script. Directed by [...] by