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Reviewing The Poetry of Witness February 17, 2014: At the New Yorker, Robyn Creswell takes a look at the anthology The Poetry of Witness: The English Tradition, 1500-2001, edited by Carolyn Forché and Duncan Wu. Creswell begins his consideration of [...] by

At The New Yorker: Hilton Als on Hettie Jones & Baraka’s First Family January 13, 2014: A wonderful piece by Hilton Als on Amiri Baraka’s “first family”–and moreover, the oft-overlooked Hettie Jones–is up at The New Yorker. Als recounts his days as a [...] by

Nook Unplugged August 7, 2013: Is it the end for Barnes & Noble? Maybe not for the bookish megastore, but for its digital operations, it’s certainly a moment of transition. B. & N.’s Nook division lost nearly [...] by

Will it Achieve its Nothingness? Reading a Poem Backward July 16, 2013: Brad Leithauser writes for The New Yorker about the art of reading a poem backward: Reading a poem backward is a distinctive experience, during which you’re typically asking not Where is this [...] by

The Justice Scalia Poetry Game June 28, 2013: Amy Davidson at The New Yorker has proposed The Scalia Game: inspired by Justice Antonin Scalia’s “repeated, urgent italicizations” in his argument against the case of Edith Windsor [...] by

Ben Lerner on Keith Waldrop’s Reissued Memoir February 26, 2013: In “Keith Waldrop’s Haunted Realism,” at The New Yorker, Ben Lerner writes of the poet and translator’s memoir (Light While There Is Light, just reissued by Dalkey Archive) [...] by

‘even more alive than we understand’—Michael McClure in Conversation January 17, 2013: Rebecca Foresman sat down with Michael McClure to discuss his poem “Mephisto 20,” which as published in the latest issue of the New Yorker. Their conversation circles around the diverse [...] by

A pictorial “how to” for juggling three Elizabeth Bishop collections February 21, 2011: If William Logan’s New York Times review of all things Bishop this Sunday didn’t quite satisfy you’re Bishop fever, then perhaps a little graphica? In the Barnes and Noble Review, [...] by

The New Yorker’s probability problem January 7, 2011: Anne Hays’s open letter to The New Yorker has been making the blog rounds for a couple of days, drawing out the usual dismissive responses that surface whenever anyone raises the issue of [...] by

Paging all Wii engineers, please report to the virtual tea party January 5, 2011: Flavorwire‘s Chelsea Bauch talks to Rae Bryant, editor of the online magazine Milk Moon Review, about the future she envisions for literature if it could embrace the full potential of the [...] by