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The New Yorker Introduces Chika Sagawa (and Her Translators) August 20, 2015: The New Yorker’s Adrienne Raphel introduces the first full-length, English-language collection of Sagawa’s poetry, translated by Sawako Nakayasu, to readers: The Collected Poems of Chika [...] by

The New Yorker’s Shakespeare Pen Is Smokin’ August 14, 2015: Feeling fine, Fiennes. Hm? The New Yorker has found Shakespeare’s lost weed sonnets? Something like that. They quote The Telegraph: “South African scientists have discovered that [...] by

At The New Yorker, The Prophet, Animated August 11, 2015: At The New Yorker, Brook Wilensky-Lanford writes about Kahlil Gibran’s The Prophet, an animated film translation of the worldwide poetry bestseller that premiered this past Friday in New York and [...] by

The New Yorker Considers Poetry’s Ties to Politics in Iran July 15, 2015: How did the Iranian modernist Sohrab Sepehri find his voice? At The New Yorker, Neima Jahromi brings together both poetry and politics in his portrait of Sepehri to paint a picture of Iran after [...] by

At the New Yorker, Stephen Burt Asks ‘Why Start a Literary Magazine?’ July 8, 2015: Hm… well, first of all it’s fun to do…. but besides that, I guess the issue could certainly use a little further examination. Thank goodness Stephen Burt is on the case, right here [...] by

The New Yorker Examines Jihadist Poetry June 4, 2015: At The New Yorker, Robyn Creswell and Bernard Haykel write about “jihadi power couple” Ahlam al-Nasr and her husband Abu Usama al-Gharib, “a veteran propagandist, initially for Al [...] by

The Contents of Individual Memory: Dan Chiasson Reviews John Ashbery’s Breezeway May 27, 2015: Daniel Chiasson reviews John Ashbery’s new book, Breezeway (Ecco) for The New Yorker: “Few others of his generation would think to put ‘lemon telenovela’ or [...] by

The New Yorker Profile on Paolo Javier May 21, 2015: The New Yorker profiles poet Paolo Javier, who served as the Poet Laureate of Queens, New York, from 2010 to 2014. (The search is apparently still open for a new laureate, reports Ian Frazier.) In [...] by

Dear Diary: Sarah Manguso Reviewed at The New Yorker March 31, 2015: At The New Yorker, Alice Gregory writes about poet and essayist Sarah Manguso, and her newest work, Ongoingness: The End of a Diary, in which Manguso confronts the “dark matter”–the [...] by

The New Yorker Investigates Sappho’s Fragments March 11, 2015: The New Yorker’s Daniel Mendelsohn considers Sappho’s poetry in light of recent (two within the last decade) additional discoveries. From The New Yorker: One day not long after New [...] by