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Stevie Smith Profiled at the Paris Review February 12, 2014: At the Paris Review blog, Diane Mehta delivers an engaging portrait of Stevie Smith. Mehta writes that Smith's poetry is undergoing something of renaissance, what with her Best Poems having been reissued in December. About this second wind, Mehta writes: It’s high time. Smith’s work has been nearly forgotten, her books having [...] by

Lidija Dimkovska! At the Paris Review Daily! September 9, 2013: For the Paris Review Daily's recent Windows on the World series, they've tapped Slovene poet Lidija Dimkovska (her UDP book Do Not Awaken Them With Hammers is a must-read) to give us her vision of things. An excerpt: ...On a typewriter then, on a laptop now, but preferably in a small notebook with lines. I look outside often; the [...] by

Allen Ginsberg’s Celestial Homework May 22, 2013: We have our friends at the Paris Review blog to thank for pointing us to Open Culture where they've posted the celestial syllabus to Allen Ginsberg's 1977 course at the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics. A bit about the class: “Argh, you’re all amateurs in a professional universe!” roared Allen Ginsberg to a young class [...] by

The Paris Review Has ‘Mad Daughter and Big-Bang’ Stuck in Their Heads May 7, 2013: At the Paris Review blog yesterday, Luling Osofsky was pondering poems by fake authors, or fake poems by real authors, or something in between. If you haven't guessed already, we're talking about the Kent Johnson/Araki Yasusada controversy that blew up some time ago. Osofsky gives a little background in the matter: It’s been over a [...] by

Reading/Living Eileen Myles March 14, 2013: This morning at the Paris Review Daily you can find a great article about reading Eileen Myles and living the experience of reading Eileen Myles. Rachel Hurn writes about her first encounter with Myles's work while living in San Diego and buying a copy of Chelsea Girls from a used bookstore. She writes: The first thing I noted about [...] by

T.S. Eliot Had a Day Job Too, Ya Know! January 18, 2013: We're grateful to the Paris Review blog for linking over to this article at Full Stop, by Robert Fay, discussing T.S. Eliot's bank years at Llyod's Bank of London. Fay also has a lot to say about poets' day jobs in general (did we know that poets had day jobs?, we thinks we did!), but we love the lead-in to the story with this profile of Mr. [...] by

Re-gifting rejection with Tim Wu and Notorious B.I.G. December 20, 2010: Tim Wu settles the great rap vs. poetry battle of 2010 over at The Paris Review (and none to soon, because no one wants this spilling over into 2011). Answering readers' questions in an advice column, Wu takes on the complex terrain of whether to tell a student that his collection of poetry is awful and risk discouraging him from further pursuits. [...] by