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Jake Adam York’s Abide Reviewed at The Rumpus February 5, 2014: Today at The Rumpus, Brian Spear offers a review of Jake Adam York's latest, and sadly, final collection of poetry Abide. York died in December of 2012. Spear writes generally of York's work: One of the things I’ve long admired about Jake Adam York’s poetry is the way he wrote about his native south. It’s tricky to write about the [...] by

Warren Fong Reviews Laura Jensen’s Memory at The Rumpus January 20, 2014: At The Rumpus, Warren Fong reviews Memory by Laura Jensen for "The Last Book of Poems I Loved." Jensen is based in Tacoma, Washington—the city of her birth. Memory was first published in 1982. Laura Jensen’s Memory begins with the eponymous poem about a falconer, whose falcon flies after its prey and doesn’t return until evening, [...] by

Eyeballs Turn to an Interview With Patricia Lockwood January 6, 2014: A new interview with Patricia Lockwood is up at The Rumpus! Lockwood, who hit the poetry big-time after her poem "Rape Joke" took Internet flight upon publication at The Awl, talks with Lauren O'Neal about this newfound fame, her book Balloon Pop Outlaw Black, Laura Ingalls Wilder’s influence on her writing, and more. A grounded [...] by

L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E Haters Beware: The Rumpus Reviews Charles Bernstein’s Recalculating November 8, 2013: Over at the Rumpus today, Sean Singer reviews Charles Bernstein's latest book, Recalculating. And for those of you who have been listening to the L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E haters, Singer urges you to drop any preconceived notions you may have about this book and just give it the ol' college try (i.e. read it). Singer begins: Ignore those who [...] by

The Imaginary Good Town: Jackie Clark on Lucy Ives November 4, 2013: A good one: Jackie Clark reviews nineties (Tea Party Republicans Press 2013) by Lucy Ives for The Rumpus. "What does it mean to be a girl? Does it mean anything? I’m not suggesting that nineties has an answer to these questions, but it does start with a cryptic allegory that gives us some kind of framework through which to read the rest of [...] by

Zombified WCW at the Rumpus October 31, 2013: If you haven't found your way to the Rumpus this Halloween afternoon, you should make your way over now! David Hernandez has turned the good doctor (Bill Williams) into a member of the walking dead. Writing through one of Williams's most beloved poems, Hernandez gives us "This Is Just To Say I’m a Zombie." We love it! Head over to the [...] by

At The Rumpus: Brenda Hillman in Conversation October 4, 2013: Thank goodness she isn't just our hero: the team at The Rumpus says so, too! Peek yonder, at this recently posted transcript from The Rumpus Book Club's Q+A with Brenda Hillman. Sarah: I was wondering if you could talk a bit about how you think about movement in a poem, how a poem gets from beginning to end, if you have techniques in order [...] by

Amy King Considers What Unrest After Conceptualism’s Institutional Embrace July 17, 2013: At The Rumpus the other day: Amy King backs up and moves forward in her breakdown of community, capital, Conceptualism, and poetry (specifically poetry as capital as seen in the "eyes" of the new VanessaPlace, Inc.). King also invokes Dada, Langpo, and other schools/movements/descendents; and remarks on the deliberate lineage-creation via [...] by

Beer Is A Beer Is A Beer Is A Beer Is A Beer June 27, 2013: At the end of a long day of blogging, the Harriet Staff likes to kick back with a few ice cold craft brews. Since we're in Chicago, there's no shortage breweries to hit the spot, from a refreshing French country ale, to well balance pale ale, to a face-melting wicked Imperial IPA. But when we need to venture away from our local options, where [...] by

At The Rumpus: Frank O’Hara’s Poems Retrieved June 17, 2013: At The Rumpus, Barbara Berman pointed us in the direction of the reissue of this collection: Poems Retrieved, by Frank O'Hara- edited by Donald Allen. It looks like an excellent complement to the selected and collected poems of O'Hara that have been in circulation for so long. Poems Retrieved is comprised of O'Hara's early work: poems that [...] by