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Take a Look at Chris Nealon’s Bookshelves November 13, 2013: Newest addition to The Believer's ongoing series of photographing poets' bookshelves is none other than Chris Nealon! Hooray. We spy a LIES journal, some good political theory, Wallace Stevens, Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick's The Weather in Proust--this is like a natural, visceral Bookforum syllabus. Speaking of Chris Nealon, did you know you can [...] by

Wool Will Never Have to Dye: On Nate Klug’s Rude Woods November 11, 2013: We were fortunate enough to hear Nate Klug read from Rude Woods (The Song Cave 2013)--his translations of Virgil's Eclogues--the other night at Berl's Poetry Shop. Should he be doing the same in your neck of the woods, we highly suggest you go. W.R. Johnson has it right in his introduction: “Klug has devised a conversational idiom that [...] by

Made Close by Jane Gregory’s My Enemies October 22, 2013: Jane Gregory's new (first) book, My Enemies (The Song Cave 2013), is given a close-read by Charles Altieri, writing for Feedback (the critical theory blog-arm of Open Humanities Press). "Reading Gregory becomes an object lesson in how our language itself mimes (or perhaps creates) our fundamental confusions about what we can control and what [...] by

Nathaniel Dorsky for The Song Cave October 21, 2013: The Song Cave, publisher of chapbooks and full-lengths by writers including Chris Nealon, Drew Milne, Raphael Rubinstein and Trevor Winkfield, Jae Choi, Jane Gregory, and Jennifer Moxley-- is fundraising for future publications with great incentive: a sweet print by American poet and avant-garde experimental filmmaker, Nathaniel Dorsky. August [...] by

Welcome to Song Cave May 15, 2013: Oh yes, hi, is this thing on? Yes, hello, we're coming to you live from Song Cave: that's S-O-N-G-C-A-V-E. Song Cave, a small press publisher based in Northampton, Massachusetts, is edited by Ben Estes and Alan Felsenthal. In addition to chapbooks by poets and writers among the likes of Lisa Jarnot, Rod Smith, Dana Ward, and Jennifer Moxley, [...] by

The Song Cave’s Got Themselves a Blog March 8, 2013: Yeah, they do. And it's pretty pretty. If you scroll along, we're sure you'll find something you'll love. Go now! by

Alternating Currents January 7, 2013: Robert Duncan: The Ambassador from Venus has been in print for almost six months now, and I’ve had time to think about what’s next. Biography writing feels a little bit like marathon running. You finish the race, say you’ll never do that again, and then start dreaming about another marathon. Another biography? Not now, no. Instead I’m [...] by