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Australia’s Richest Writes Universe’s Worst February 24, 2014: For those who have decried Kristen Stewart's recent poem published in Marie Claire as the "worst poem ever written," we invite you to surf over to the Telegraph for a poetical effort that truly takes the cake. The contender today is mining magnate Gina Rinehart, Australia's wealthiest person. As the Telegraph reports: The poem, a sort [...] by

Juan Gelman: 1930-2014 January 15, 2014: We are saddened by the news today of the death of poet and activist Juan Gelman, who was awarded the Cervantes Prize in 2007. The Guardian reports: Juan Gelman, the celebrated Argentinian poet and fierce critic of the South American nation's "dirty war" against the left, has died aged 83. Gelman was born in Buenos Aires but had lived [...] by

Knock Knock: Are Poets Funny? November 13, 2013: Maybe... sometimes... though perhaps not always as our headline might reveal. The Telegraph speaks to Christopher Reid about his new book, Six Bad Poets. Are poets funny? It’s hard enough to know whether poets are allowed to be funny through their work. But funny in their lives? Aren’t they supposed to be tragic figures who feel [...] by

Dorothy Wordsworth’s Latest Rhyme September 16, 2013: Publishing from beyond the grave, Dorothy Wordsworth is still cranking out the hits, thus reports The Telegraph. A little background on the poem: The manuscript by William Wordsworth's sister was bought by the Wordsworth Trust in May – and is only published for the first time this morning by Oxford University Press. It does include [...] by