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‘Tru-speaking’: John Paetsch & Gauss PDF at The Volta January 17, 2014: The Volta Blog has a great review of John Paetsch's brnt ghst vlnt (Gauss PDF), which was also selected by them as one of the best books of 2013. Logan Fry writes: Written in three largely-undefined but evident sections, brnt ghst vlnt is inhabited by myriad potential arrangements and readings. The aforementioned layering of the text [...] by

Thinking About Poetry With Others: Joshua Marie Wilkinson’s Reviews Issue of Evening Will Come November 4, 2013: A new issue of Evening Will Come is up--the monthly poetics journal and arm of The Volta (Joshua Marie Wilkinson confesses his mother refers to the "online multimedia site" as "his blog"), and November is the reviews issue. First to read is Wilkinson's introduction to the issue, where he makes a case for it: "But the work of reviewing—of [...] by

The Volta’s Visual Art Portfolio October 2, 2013: Poets making visual art that isn't visual poetry—heck yes! Thanks to The Volta's October issue, you can check out a bevvy of poets working through their visual artistic practice. We're trilled to see more of Andrew Zawacki's Paris "photo graffs"—more found here—and the watercolor stylings of Bianca Stone and Lynn Xu. Head over to check [...] by

On George Albon’s Aspiration, a Radical Essay in the Form of a Book September 9, 2013: It's hard to keep track of the impressive content at The Volta, so we are here to help. Did you know that there's a Volta blog? That is, in effect, a "reviews-based supplement"? This is good for you. Up this week is a review of George Albon's new chapbook Aspiration (Omnidawn), "the first part of a four-part section about the lyric, to be [...] by

Created for the Listening: kathryn l. pringle’s fault tree August 16, 2013: A review of kathryn l. pringle's "dizzying, suffocating, brilliant fault tree" (Omnidawn 2012) is over at The Volta. Christopher Schaeffer writes of reading Pringle's new collection that it was for him reminiscent of a bed-ridden, visceral experience he had with a couple of Philip K. Dick novels--"one which I didn’t really expect to [...] by

Cathy Park Hong’s New Museum Stand-Up Is Up August 8, 2013: Topping the last issue of The Conversant is a gem that we mentioned in the spring: Cathy Park Hong's contribution to the New Museum's "Propositions" series, Part One of which, "Stand Up," happened in March. It featured readings and performances from Cathy herself, followed by Ariana Reines, Cathy Wagner, Mores McWreath, and Ronaldo Wilson. [...] by

Evening Will Come: Women Looking at The Last Vispo Anthology August 5, 2013: Over at The Volta, "Evening Will Come" collects responses from women poets--including Jessica Smith, Amaranth Borsuk, and Sharon Mesmer--on visual poetry. Curated by Nico Vassilakis, the collection of responses is in direct opposition to the "sausage fest" that has inhabited visual poetry since the 1960s. It’s true, the genre of visual [...] by

Tan Lin and Brian Teare Tear Up The Dance Floor at The Volta May 31, 2013: How else could we find out the really cool details about poets that we love, like, that Tan Lin writes in his office about disco, if it weren't for The Volta's Take Down the Clouds: 1. Where are you now? in my office, which is also a closet, in NYC. 2. What are you working on and what have you got coming out? I am [...] by

Eileen Myles Considers Transparency in an Essay Response to Marjorie Perloff May 8, 2013: More Eileen Myles in the news! You've probably already read this one, as it's been making the rounds. If not, head to the new issue of The Volta, where Eileen Myles responds to Marjorie Perloff on conceptualism with emo in her piece "Painted Clear, Painted Black." It's infinitely quotable, as her prose is wont: Poetry’s where men get [...] by

March Issue of The Volta Features Speculative Poetry & More March 4, 2013: We've already pointed you towards an essay on The Volta that responds to  Seth Oelbaum’s piece on AWP at HTMLGiant. But there's also all sorts of non-AWP related work in the new March issue of The Volta worth checking out: A bazilllion new interviews, poems, essays and more. We're especially excited about Sueyeun Juliette Lee's essay on [...] by