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Two Perspectives on the Whole AWP-MFA-Glut Thing March 1, 2013: Remember the other day when we posted on Seth Oelbaum's explosive piece at HTMLGiant? It's caused something of a perturbance in the blogsphere and spurred poets to do what they do best this time of year: get dirty on AWP. Hey, we're guilty too! To keep the fires well-stoked, make your way over to The Volta where one blogger responds to [...] by

On Kristen Gallagher’s We Are Here January 30, 2013: Kristen Gallagher's new book, We Are Here (Truck Books 2013), has been reviewed by Hannah Ensor for The Volta's Friday Feature. If you've read Gallagher's essay from the Crayon issue entitled "On Beauty," you might have a head start on this project, in which Gallagher "decided to do something semi-procedural: I would go to 'beautiful' places [...] by

Highlights from the One-Year Anniversary Issue of The Volta: Jen Hofer & John Pluecker’s Antena Project January 2, 2013: The Volta, a multimedia project of poetry, criticism, poetics, video, conversation and interview celebrates its one-year anniversary with a new January issue. We're especially excited by Jen Hofer and John Pluecker's multimedia poetic dialog on the Antena Project in The Conversant. In their words, the Antena Project is "a language [...] by