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Matthew Rohrer Trades ‘Plate of Chicken’ for Small Batch Irish Whiskey at WSJ March 19, 2015: Matthew Rohrer reflects on his Irish heritage and the pleasures (and pain) of drinking whiskey right here at The Wall Street Journal: MY FAMILY identifies as Irish—more so, perhaps, than is [...] by

Negar Azimi Pens Tribute to Etel Adnan at The Wall Street Journal February 10, 2015: The Wall Street Journal reaffirms our care for Etel Adnan with this piece on the art world’s recent adulation: “In the past year alone, she has had a string of enviable solo outings at [...] by

Japanese Bookstore Invites Customers to an In-Store Sleepover Party October 7, 2014: A sleepover party at a bookstore??? Yes please! From the Wall Street Journal: If you are a book lover in Japan who has always dreamed of spending an entire night at a bookstore, here is your chance [...] by

Kwame Dawes Says Farewell to Sochi February 24, 2014: For the duration of the Olympic Games at Sochi this winter, Kwame Dawes’s Olympic Poetry has been a feature. Read his poem that says goodbye to the games at WSJ. Throughout the 2014 Sochi [...] by

‘May Allah Reward You for Your Food Habits': VICE on Yahya Hassan, Denmark’s Most Popular Poet January 27, 2014: VICE Magazine’s got coverage of the bestselling (as in, of all time) Danish poet Yahya Hassan, an 18-year-old Muslim Pakistani immigrant whose controversial work (he published a self-titled [...] by

The Wall Street Journal Talks to Primary Information About Traditions of Artist Publishing, Anthology of Concrete Poetry Reprint December 9, 2013: A great article about the art-book publisher Primary Information is up at The Wall Street Journal! Co-founders James Hoff and Miriam Katzeff talk about two upcoming releases: “One is ‘An [...] by

A Look at Kofi Awoonor’s Last Poem September 24, 2013: As we mentioned yesterday, African poet Kofi Awoonor (1935-2013) was among those slain in a terrorist attack on a mall in Nairobi, Kenya. As The Wall Street Journal reported today: The African Poetry [...] by

The Wall Street Journal Reviews The Selected Letters of Anthony Hecht December 27, 2012: The Wall Street Journal is all over The Selected Letters of Anthony Hecht, just out from Johns Hopkins and edited by Jonathan F. S. Post. “Hecht’s letters, like his poems, rekindle the [...] by