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ON Contemporary Practice Launches PDF Archive, Website & Monograph Series September 26, 2013: You might recall ON Contemporary Practice--a journal comprising highly thoughtful critical writing by poets/writers on practitioners, peers, colleagues, and other contemporaries--from back in the day, the particular recent days of ON's co-editor Thom Donovan (along with Michael Cross of Compline, and Kyle Schlesinger of Cuneiform) writing on [...] by

Thom Donovan / The Hole / Displaced Press / 2012 April 12, 2013: The Hole is presented as in process of completion / perhaps as still in process but not (not) toward completion – the title is hand-written on the cover / there’s some scribbling / a bar code / and a photo the image of a paper clip holds to the cover’s edge – the notes / which describe for the most part when the poems were written or [...] by

Rich Owens Reviews Thom Donovan’s The Hegemon Say and Sara Larsen’s Merry Hell November 13, 2012: Over the weekend, Rich Owens at Damn the Caesars posted this short review of Thom Donovan's The Hegemon Say and Sara Larsen's Merry Hell, published by Compline (a Michael Cross and Stephen Novotny joint). Owens calls these beautiful and gritty books a "communique from the front line of a protracted cultural assault" and adds, "The [...] by

Conservative Mag The American Spectator Publishes Negative Response to Thom Donovan’s OWS Collection August 20, 2012: Woah! A distinctly venomous response to Thom Donovan's collection of pieces written about poetry during OWS, as we blogged about last week, over at The American Spectator. Micah Mattix (Assistant Professor of Literature at Houston Baptist University, sayeth our in-house researcher) writes: In the July 2012 issue of Rethinking Marxism, [...] by

Now Downloadable: Thom Donovan’s ‘Poetry During OWS’ Collects Original Pieces from 19 Writers August 16, 2012: Thom Donovan has newly collected the pieces written partly here at Harriet during National Poetry Month (the project began in September of 2011) and subsequently published together in the July issue of Rethinking Marxism, "a peer-reviewed journal produced by the Association for Economic and Social Analysis and published by Routledge/Taylor & [...] by

I Dreamt I Went to the 2012 Poets House Showcase Opening, and It Was Real July 16, 2012: Who: Corina Copp What: Poets House Showcase When: Saturday, June 30, 2012 Where: New York “Open Door” features audio, video, and online media to document dynamic interactions between poetry and its audience. “Open Door” showcases performance, scholarship, and engagement outside the usual boundaries of slams, workshops, and book [...] by

As Editor of Broom, Lola Ridge Objected to Stein: “A bladder blown up by many breaths” May 23, 2012: Yesterday we got deeper into Ernest Hemingway's salty annotation of the "Lady Poets," one of whom, "the nearest prototype in her time of the proletarian poet of class conflict," is Lola Ridge. Ridge has had more longevity than most of those women--Factory School republished her book The Ghetto in 2006. It was already pretty much [...] by

Rêve Parisien: Brandon Brown & Thom Donovan Talk Shop March 15, 2012: Don't know if you've been reading the first or second installments of the great correspondence between Thom Donovan and Brandon Brown over at BOMBLOG, but now there's a third! Called "Enframing the Brink," the poets are "div[ing] deep into the realms of literary theory and leftist politics in their epistolary exchange." A bit from Donovan in [...] by

Salute to the Bloggers February 4, 2010: [audio:http://www.poetryfoundation.org/harriet/wp-content/uploads/2010/02/Salute-to-the-Harriet-Bloggers1.mp3] by