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Poet Flattened April 22, 2014: [caption id="attachment_85730" align="alignright" width="500"] Poet Aaron Simon, photographed by Kevin Killian October 30, 2011[/caption] I met the San Francisco-based poet Aaron Simon around Halloween 2011, when our hands touched, both of us reaching for an old book, at “Scanners,” the pop-up bookstore art project of the artists and [...] by

Thurston Moore Talks Flowers & Cream at Dazed Digital July 19, 2013: Dazed Digital is poetry-coursing with Thurston Moore, who talks with DAZED's Stuart Hammond about Flowers & Cream Press as well as his own interest in poetry: Dazed Digital: Have you always been heavily into poetry or are you a recent convert? Thurston: Someone somewhere once referenced to poetry as the essence of writing, and [...] by

‘Not surprisingly, Professor Thurston J. Moore gave no final examination’ November 14, 2012: Poets always want to be rock stars, right? So it's refreshing to see a rock star pull off a poetry crossover. Case in point, check out this piece at Berfrois, in which Logan K. Young recounts his experience of studying at Naropa with poet and Sonic Youth co-founder Thurston Moore : He opens: Remember this: Thurston Moore came to New [...] by

The Poetry Project’s Swinging in Spring with Thurston Moore & John Zorn May 2, 2012: Wow wow! It's springtime and all is abloom! For those of us in the arts, it also means it's benefit season! If you're in the New York area, this one is plenty worth the duckets: At The Poetry Project's SPRINGING Benefit--Thurston Moore & John Zorn! More info: Duo action! John Zorn on reeds. Thurston Moore plays electric guitar. The [...] by

Thurston Moore and Tom Raworth, Together at Last March 27, 2012: Thurston Moore (co-editor of the new Flowers & Cream Press) made his way across the pond last week to read with Tom Raworth (with special guests Alex Ward and Steve Noble). The event, called "Poetry and Noise," was curated by Moore, and announced only a week in advance. LondonJazz has a writeup of the night! It's almost like we were [...] by

Don’t ask your professor for feedback unless you’ve got earplugs November 12, 2010: Naropa University has tapped Thurston Moore to lead a writing workshop next summer at the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics' Summer Writing Program. "I think (Thurston) will convey his passion for poetry to his students, and will give a sense of the delicate collaboration between words and music in his own work," said Anne Waldman, who [...] by