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Tina Fey, Rapper July 5, 2012: Tina Fey drops a verse on new Childish Gambino track "Real Estate." That's right. Via Flavorwire: Tina Fey is a woman who knows how to drop a verse. If you’re feeling a bit tired and cranky in the wake of yesterday’s Fourth of July festivities, then we’ve got something to help perk up your morning: a guest verse by Fey at the [...] by

All the ladies in the place with style and grace April 19, 2011: Amber Tamblyn, thank you for the thoughtful (and fun to read — Tina Fey! fart jokes! pizza!) response to my questions about mission-driven presses. To answer super-briefly your points that “emphasis on a specific gender has always felt, to me, like some sort of weird reversed institutionalized sexism,” and your question “If we are [...] by