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Toronto’s Town Crier Celebrates Hoa Nguyen and Dale Smith January 13, 2014: Just in time for Hoa Nguyen's reading on January 19th at Plasticene Poetry at Pauper's Pub, The Town Crier's Jess Taylor brings the spotlight to legendary Nguyen and legendary Skanky Possum teammate, Dale Smith. Here's our favorite part: More than anything, Nguyen and Smith encourage writers to participate in community and to embrace the [...] by

In Toronto, Poets Dance April 26, 2012: Just back from a night of poetry in Toronto. One of my favourite cities on the planet, and still such a human scale. The lake. That silty, glacial light. So much thinner and pale than Montreal light. Street cars. Strangely coloured taxi cabs.  Distinct, neighbourhoods linked like a chain of islands. The inevitable condo boom. But also crazy [...] by