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Triple Canopy Announces Summer Intensive for College Students February 28, 2014: First it's the Stein marathon, then a pool party in Silverlake, contributing to the Whitney Biennial, co-hosting a reading (last night) at AWP...and don't forget their call for proposals, due March 10. What will Triple Canopy do next? How about a summer camp in contemporary publishing for the college set? Yep: Summer Intensive June [...] by

Hyperallergic is all Gertrude Stein all the Time Time Time Time February 3, 2014: This weekend's Hyperallergic wraps up this previous weekend's marathon reading of Gertrude Stein's The Making of Americans, hosted by Triple Canopy. Morten Høi Jensen reports on the madness, from the gory aftermath. If you are going to read Gertrude Stein’s titanic novel The Making of Americans — the Dalkey paperback is a little [...] by

This Weekend: Triple Canopy & Woodland Pattern Host Marathon Readings January 24, 2014: This weekend, the gerunds won't read themselves! Not for hours on end, anyhow (we don't know what they do while we're sleeping). In fact, there are two marathon readings happening in our fine country--perhaps you live in one state or the other? Perhaps you do. First up, Milwaukee's wonderful Woodland Pattern Book Center is holding its [...] by

Lucy Ives in Conversation with Rachel Levitsky at Triple Canopy July 24, 2013: We're bursting with pride after reading this delightful conversation—at Triple Canopy—between Rachel Levitsky and Lucy Ives about Levitsky's newest book, The Story of My Accident Is Ours. It's an insightful and ruminative conversation about the similarities and differences between fiction and poetry, that demonstrates the exemplary [...] by

Jim Fletcher Discusses Bernadette Corporation’s The Complete Poem March 20, 2013: New York-based performer Jim Fletcher has a great interview over at Sex Magazine, talking a bit about his involvement with art collective Bernadette Corporation, which you might know for their piece The Complete Poem, "a witty, handsome and epic poem for New York." Fletcher, who recently participated in Triple Canopy's Automatic Reading [...] by

Joseph Mosconi’s Fright Catalog February 19, 2013: We've known Joseph Mosconi as an editor and curator for some time: with Rita Gonzalez he edits the art and literature magazine Area Sneaks, and with Ara Shirinyan and Andrew Maxwell, he directs LA-based Poetic Research Bureau. But Mosconi is also a literary artist. We've been eagerly awaiting the release of Fright Catalog, his full-color, [...] by

Caroline Bergvall’s ‘Noping’ on Triple Canopy February 14, 2013: Issue 17 of Triple Canopy has been available for a while, but we like to go through each issue slowly and deliberately. Caroline Bergvall's "Noping," part etymological essay, part incantatory sound text, is just the right kind of stimulating lull we need on this V-Day morning: A p attached to a long stick, or a type of hoop. Apparently my [...] by