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Bruce Andrews’s 25-hour Twitter Project March 12, 2014: Jacket2 reports that Bruce Andrews and Maria Chavez will collaborated on a 25-hour Twitter performance beginning on April 1, 2014. Bruce Andrews// 25 Hour Twitter sculpture & performance Curated by Maria Chavez On April 1st, 2014, Bruce Andrews and Maria Chavez will collaborate on a 25 hour performance piece on the social media [...] by

Playing the Race Card July 30, 2013: Michele Norris, of NPR's flagship program All Things Considered, started The Race Card Project in 2010 to help foster a candid dialogue about race, inspired by her own complicated, uniquely American, mixed background: My idea was to use these little black postcards to get the conversation started. But I quickly realized once I hit the [...] by

The Rise of Online Poetry July 18, 2013: Social media may not be the death of creativity after all. An article in The Independent explores the idea of Twitter creating a new and interesting forum for poetic expression. “Twihaiku” or “micropoetry," as the article calls the 140-character-bound nuggets, can be seen as a bridge between traditional forms of poetry and modern [...] by

Follow These Weird Tweets! May 10, 2013: NYU Local lists its favorite "weird tweets" by NYU creative writing professors and wouldn't you know it: A few of our faves are Harriet regulars. Yes, "The Weirdest Tweets from NYU Creative Writing Professors" list includes tweets from poets, Eileen Myles, Sharon Olds, Dorothea Lasky and Charles Simic. Their cyber thought-bubbles range [...] by

Twitter Verse: The Pentametron Poet Robot February 19, 2013: There are hundreds of millions of people who use Twitter, including us. Some writers use the platform for composition. Vanessa Place, for example, has been tweeting the entire text of Gone With The Wind 26 characters at a time. And then there's a program called the Pentametron, which creates poetry couplets by randomly pairing tweets [...] by