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Steven Zultanski’s Methodical & Tender Bribery January 6, 2015: Just before the New Year, Ugly Duckling Presse published Steven Zultanski’s newest book, Bribery, an unabating narration of criminal acting and readyfound atrocity that “should be put on [...] by

Treats for Bookworms! Ugly Duckling Presse Presents Holiday Box Sets December 15, 2014: Oh come all ye bookworms, Ugly Duckling Presse has a wish list item for you! This holiday, season UDP is offering holiday box sets of five books for $25. The holiday box sets are organized under the [...] by

Warscapes Introduces Readers to Nathaniel Farrell December 12, 2014: Nathaniel Farrell’s newest full-length book is a book-length poem! Newcomer appeared this year from Ugly Duckling Presse. At Warscapes, poetry editor Noam Scheindlin provides a insightful [...] by

Our Favorite Annual Document of Performance Practice Is Here: Emergency INDEX Volume 3! December 5, 2014: Time to order your performance bible! Emergency INDEX: An Annual Document of Performance Practice, Vol. 3, is out! And if you order before December 15, this gift of life is available for $10 off the [...] by

The Real Dream-Journey of Adhemar Ahmad December 1, 2014: Columbia University’s Spectator profiles chess player and beloved bookseller Adhemar Ahmad, whose first publication–a children’s book illustrated by Ahmad himself–is just out [...] by

Natalie Lyalin’s Relentless Blood Makes Me Faint But I Go For It October 8, 2014: Natalie Lyalin’s second collection of poems, Blood Makes Me Faint But I Go For It (Ugly Duckling Presse 2014), has been reviewed at Los Angeles Review! Alyse Bensel writes that the work [...] by

THERE WILL BE SELTZER: Diana Hamilton Defines Poetry September 18, 2014: Make sure you get to this interview with Diana Hamilton at the Ugly Duckling Presse Tumblr. “Someone said that poetry was a little hedgehog that you nuzzle against your heart. Put that little [...] by

Formally Attributed Generic Feelings: Diana Hamilton’s Great Review of Rob Fitterman’s Borrowing of James Schuyler . . . August 28, 2014: Diana Hamilton reviews Rob Fitterman’s newest book, No, Wait. Yep. Definitely Still Hate Myself. (Ugly Duckling Presse 2014) for Coldfront! This is a book the protagonist of which, as UDP tells [...] by

Lyric As a Genre Among Other Genres / Reading Lawrence Giffin Through Steven Zultanski August 19, 2014: One to note at Jacket2: Steven Zultanski reviews “tricky book” Christian Name (Ugly Duckling Presse 2012), by Lawrence Giffin. Why tricky? “[I]t’s the kind of book that seems to [...] by

Help Ugly Duckling Presse to Safety! August 15, 2014: S.O.S. says Ugly Duckling Presse! The publisher of poetry, art books, dossiers, and all things magnifique is struggling to finance this next season’s print-run. UDP is in the middle of a [...] by