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$20 for $50 Sold Out! May 17, 2013: We'll leave off the week with this final item. It is true that poetry is a kind of money. Vanessa Place drilled this lesson into us this week when we found out that the first poetry-product from VanessaPlace Inc., a book of poetry made literally of money, called $20 (selling for $50), sold out at the May 3rd launch. To the poetics of [...] by

Eileen Myles Talks to Noel Black About Shaping a Heap of Women May 7, 2013: Noel Black interviews Eileen Myles at The Brooklyn Rail--immediately striking a worthwhile point, invoking Myles's 2011 essay on poetry and gender, "Being Female," and the fact of I'll Drown My Book: Rail: ...I can’t help but think how much more interesting it would’ve been at this point in history if I’ll Drown My Book had come [...] by

Notes on Craft and Failure April 26, 2013: The techne of the builder, the craftsperson, the designer, is measurable and finite, at least at a certain basic level that defines minimal competence. One important historical criterion for poetic craft has been facility in metrical control combined with syntactical suppleness. E.g., a Greek ode in quantitative measure: if one foot is [...] by

Praise Song for the ★ April 17, 2013:   Each day ★ go about our business, walking past each ★, catching each ★’s eyes or not, about to speak or speaking.   All about ★ is noise. All about ★ is noise and bramble, thorn and din, each one of our ★s  on our tongues.   Some ★ is stitching up a hem, darning a hole in a [...] by

The King’s Breakfast April 2, 2013:   In a phenomenon known as Delayed Auditory Feedback, if your speech is played back to you with a slight delay—between 9.2 and 192 milliseconds later—it becomes quite difficult for you to continue to speak. There are some technological jamming variables: it is harder to read than extemporize, and the jam doesn’t trip up nonsense, if [...] by

Reading List: March 2013 March 28, 2013: Rae Armantrout I've just received a copy of the new Postmodern American Poetry: a Norton Anthology, edited by Paul Hoover. I've been enjoying the good selections of some of my favorite younger poets like Catherine Wagner, Katie Degetesh, Graham Foust, and Ben Lerner. I’m also reading Cathy Wagner’s Nervous Device from City Lights. And I [...] by

The Institute of New Writing at Southern Oregon University March 15, 2013: There are all sorts of interesting things happening right now at Southern Oregon University. Not only is there a new issue of the West Wind Review, but they have recently announced a new, one-week summer writing program, the Institute of New Writing \ Ashland. The program, which will take place August 12-17, is part of their preparation for [...] by

In Which Poets Just Say Don’t!! March 1, 2013: A hundred years ago this month, Poetry magazine published Ezra Pound's "A Few Don'ts by an Imagiste," which proved to be a poetry game-changer by taking poets to task for mucky abstractions, loose verse, and Victorian cliché. We always need a refresher from Mr. Pound, that's why we keep a copy of the ABC's of Reading handy (hey, New [...] by

Some Good Points on Goldsmith’s Uncreative Writing at HTMLGIANT February 7, 2013: Michael Jauchen reviews, in 25 points, Kenny Goldsmith's Uncreative Writing for HTMLGiant. We love number 8 (image above): "8. Picasso’s Portrait of Gertrude Stein with excerpts from The Making of Americans inserted." Jauchen also makes similar hybrid images with Mallarmé and "A Throw of the Dice," Georges Perec and Species of Spaces, and [...] by

Jacob Edmond on Vanessa Place’s Iterations of Gone With the Wind December 18, 2012: You might recall (or keep up with) Vanessa Place's Twitter feed, which is, trot by trot, retyping the entirety of Margaret Mitchell's Gone With the Wind. There are more iterations to her project. Jacob Edmond, at his blog A Common Strangeness, points us to an essay by Brian Reed entitled "Postmillenial Poetry and Redirected Language," in which [...] by