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Introducing Abra: A Living Text February 15, 2016: At VICE’s Creators Project: the story behind Kate Durbin, Amaranth Borsuk, and Ian Hatcher’s interactive poetry app, Abra, which describes itself as a “living text.” [...] by

Dreaming While Awake: Blake Butler on Unica Zürn December 15, 2015: At VICE, Blake Butler writes about German Surrealist poet, artist, and “semi-mythical figure” Unica Zürn, whose “vision as an artist could not have been more pronounced, [...] by

Yi-Fen Chou Is a Real Person, & Everything Else Circling ‘The Bees’ September 10, 2015: Like a bee to some Venus-flower nectar, the Internet has taken to our poetry scandale du jour. But scandal doesn’t cut it. These responses to Michael Derrick Hudson posing as Yi-Fen Chou are [...] by