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Paul Legault Translates Those Meaningful to Susan Sontag in On Photography July 16, 2014: Paul Legault is at his creative translation again, this time unearthing what the authors really meant in Susan Sontag’s closing quotation section in On Photography. “There’s always a [...] by

THE COMPLEAT Vice OF TRISHA LOW ++ Watch Her in Vivian November 25, 2013: Refuse (refuse?) to disavow; indulge your voyeurism: Blake Butler read Trisha Low’s first book, The Compleat Purge (Kenning Editions 2013) and sent some questions her way for Vice. Trisha Low [...] by

VICE Got All Necrophilic on Female Writer Suicides June 18, 2013: Jezebel’s Jenna Sauers was on it last night [1.5k reading her post as of this one] when she wrote about VICE’s newest “fashion spread,” since redacted, which attempted to [...] by