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‘May Allah Reward You for Your Food Habits’: VICE on Yahya Hassan, Denmark’s Most Popular Poet January 27, 2014: VICE Magazine's got coverage of the bestselling (as in, of all time) Danish poet Yahya Hassan, an 18-year-old Muslim Pakistani immigrant whose controversial work (he published a self-titled debut collection in October) has resulted in a media "shitstorm," death threats, harassment, and assault. "His poetry, written in all caps in Danish, is [...] by

Blake Butler on Danielle Collobert’s Murder August 21, 2013: Blake Butler reviewed Danielle Collobert's Murder (Litmus Press) for VICE...some other good'uns there too, incl. Throne of Blood by Cassandra Troyan (Solar Luxuriance Press), Grace Period: Notebooks, 1998-2007 by Aaron Kunin (Letter Machine), and The Skin Team by Jordaan Mason (Magic Helicopter). You might remember Kit Schluter's recent [...] by

‘Is There a Masculine Genius?’ Three New Conceptual Works Reviewed by Blake Butler July 1, 2013: At Vice, Blake Butler looks at conceptual writing with the help of three new books he's taken pleasure in: Vanessa Place's Boycott (Ugly Duckling Presse), Kenneth Goldsmith's Seven American Deaths and Disasters (Random House), and Stephanie Barber's Night Moves (Publishing Genius). Butler's feeling on this type of work in general: As [...] by

It’s A Vice, Vice Summer: Vice Magazine’s Summer Reading Lists June 14, 2013: At Vice, Blake Butler has curated an array of summer reading lists from fiction writers and poets called "What Are These Freaks Reading?" Scope it out! It includes a set of summer reads from poets, Claire Donato and Ben Mirov. Read their picks below! Claire Donato (Author of Burial) 1. New Religious Movements: A Documentary Reader, [...] by

Quick and to the Gums: Blake Butler on Rauan Klassnik January 21, 2013: Over at VICE, Blake Butler reviews the new collection of poetry from Rauan Klassnik, saying, at first, "He seems like someone you’d find lingering out behind a porno bookstore in a jacket and hat, creeping around the dumpsters." And yet!! Klassnik's book, The Moon's Jaw (Black Ocean), "shifts continually between horny and cruel tones, [...] by