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Brief Memory of Victor Martinez from Author Peter Orner October 9, 2012: New at The Rumpus: Peter Orner remembers Victor Martinez (who passed away last year, and happens to have a library named after him). After beginning with a poem from Anna Akhmatova, Orner writes his brief tribute: I am not a poet and this is not a gift. When you fell down in the parking lot in front of the free acupuncture place you no [...] by

Victor Martinez: “I am an American writer” February 26, 2011: Mission Loc@l remembers poet and National Book Award-winning novelist Victor Martinez who passed away earlier this week. Born in Fresno, California, Martinez would prove influential and respected enough among his 11 other siblings to secure his own room to write, yet he told the San Francisco Chronicle in 1996 that the most his high school [...] by