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Abigail Beckel and Kathleen Rooney in The Editor’s Corner at VIDA March 20, 2013: Over at VIDA, Abigail Beckel and Kathleen Rooney of the hybrid-genre Rose Metal Press talk about their roles as editors and publishers. We're especially interested in presses that support as yet-undeffined genres, so we were especially curious to hear Beckel and Rooney discuss their editorial philosophy. Our main philosophy/mission is to [...] by

The 2012 VIDA Count Is Up and the Charts Are Scary March 4, 2013: Amy King has posted the VIDA Count for 2012, and "eyeball[s] how the 2012 Count stacks up beside numbers from the years preceding." As per usual, VIDA aims to "turn the conversation into reader practice," rather than lambast publications; though those who have visibly worked to change their numbers are duly noted (Tin House), and vice-versa [...] by

VIDA Reveals Gender Bias in Best American Series May 31, 2011: VIDA: Women in Literary Arts, co-founded by poets Erin Belieu and Cate Marvin, has released its new count illustrating gender inequity, this time examining the contents of the Best American anthologies in poetry, fiction, and essays. As the data on their website demonstrates, it seems the guys have it again (respective to the lifetime of a [...] by