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Amy King Wins 2015 Women’s National Book Award for VIDA-Women in Literary Arts June 15, 2015: Congratulations, Amy King! At the Pace M.S. in Publishing blog, Jane Kinney-Denning, president of WNBA-NYC, speaks with King about VIDA and her contributions to literary publishing. Jane: Hi Amy, [...] by

At VIDA: Kevin Prufer and Erika Jo Brown Take a Look at the Numbers May 8, 2015: At VIDA (an organization dedicated to promoting women in literary arts) Erika Jo Brown and Kevin Prufer, University of Houston PhD Candidate and Professor, respectively, sat down and tallied the [...] by

Post-Poetry, Part 4: AnonyPo & Collectivist Refusal April 30, 2015: So the death of the author was exaggerated. To misquote Donald Barthelme, Roland Barthes was a farthes. Let’s review: […] in primitive societies, narrative is never undertaken by a person, [...] by

VIDA Announces a New Women of Color Count for Literary Publications January 23, 2015: Awesome: VIDA has announced its newest project. The 2014 Women of Color Count is underway. Since 2010, VIDA has sought to deepen and complicate the conversation about imbalances in the way women and [...] by

Amy Berkowitz Has a Promising Idea for a Series of Paintings December 5, 2014: In a new post for VIDA’s Reports from the Field, poet and publisher Amy Berkowitz’s “Paintings I Won’t Paint” addresses some oft-topical subjects, to her own chagrin: rape [...] by

At VIDA: Morgan Parker on Performing & Refusing the Token November 20, 2014: “Poet, educator, human” Morgan Parker slays at VIDA, making the site a must-go-to, as always. Parker’s piece is tagged with, to name a few: exoticism, Ferguson, gangsta, gender, [...] by

Feel Free Not to Read This November 13, 2014: Reminiscing a little about the first time I gave a reading at UCSD, in the New Writing Series. UCSD is where I was an undergraduate student in Literature/Writing and Music Composition, and the New [...] by

‘We Probably Need, Like, 10 Vidas': Zoe Tuck and Axes for the Frozen Sea Inside Us May 3, 2014: Born in Texas, Zoe Tuck has been a participant in the Bay Area literary scene since 2008: she co-curated the Condensery Reading Series in Oakland and worked at Small Press Distribution for many [...] by

Abigail Beckel and Kathleen Rooney in The Editor’s Corner at VIDA March 20, 2013: Over at VIDA, Abigail Beckel and Kathleen Rooney of the hybrid-genre Rose Metal Press talk about their roles as editors and publishers. We’re especially interested in presses that support as [...] by

The 2012 VIDA Count Is Up and the Charts Are Scary March 4, 2013: Amy King has posted the VIDA Count for 2012, and “eyeball[s] how the 2012 Count stacks up beside numbers from the years preceding.” As per usual, VIDA aims to “turn the conversation [...] by