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Blake, Contemporaneously April 17, 2014: [caption id="attachment_84877" align="alignnone" width="500"] "America a Prophecy" title page (1793)[/caption] For the eye altering alters all William Blake, “The Mental Traveler” Who reads Blake? The easy answer is almost everyone who reads poetry—that is, has read some Blake—and can quote something. “A rose is a rose is a [...] by

Tales from the Woodberry Poetry Room: Christina Davis on the Discovery of a Recording of Susan and Fanny Howe’s Mother, Mary Manning Howe, Reading Yeats August 16, 2013: New at the Woodberry Poetry Room at Harvard University's Vocarium, Christina Davis shares the details of her discovery of a rare, archival recording of Mary Manning Howe (mother of poets, Susan Howe and Fanny Howe) reading poetry by W.B. Yeats. Davis writes: Once a year I permit myself to listen to the last recording I have of my father. I [...] by

Yeats On YouTube April 3, 2013: I was memorizing Yeats’s “Easter 1916,” a poem that has a powerful spell on me, despite my not giving a fook about Yeats or Ireland. There is a part in the beginning of the piece that was giving me some trouble. Here’s how the poem starts (I transcribe from memory): I have met them at close of day Coming with vivid faces From [...] by

Lapham’s Quarterly Puzzles Over Yeats the Magician July 31, 2012: Dwelling on a topic that never fails to make poetry academics uncomfortable, Lapham's Quarterly gives a thorough history of W.B. Yeats's lifelong devotion to magic. From his admission to Madame Blavatsky's Theosophical Society to A Vision, his strange book on personality types and the cosmos, scholars have often wondered about (and apologized [...] by