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Amazing Public Domain Texts Found in W. G. Sebald’s The Rings of Saturn December 10, 2013: Catch some good decreation over at The Public Domain Review, where they've elaborated upon the texts found in W. G. Sebald's The Rings of Saturn: Among the many lives of the past encountered is a myriad array of literary figures. Collected together in this post are the major (public domain) texts of which, and through which, Sebald [...] by

Instead of Reading This, You Should Be Reading David Markson (Part One) April 19, 2013: The novelist David Markson died three years ago, in early June. I got my last postcard from him, after a seven-year correspondence that started with the most fawning fan letter imaginable, in late March of that year. What started as a friendly, teasing exchange between interested parties—I was interested in David because I adored his work; [...] by

The Enigmatic Poetry of W.G. Sebald June 28, 2012: In the July issue of The New Republic, Ruth Franklin turns a critical eye towards W.G. Sebald’s poetry. After paying her respects to the German writer’s works of fiction, Franklin takes a close look at the historical references buried thickly beneath the surface of Sebald’s poems. …The outwardly bucolic surfaces of the German [...] by

A Filmic Ode to W.G. Sebald Comes to a Theater Near You May 7, 2012: We know poets like themselves some W.G. Sebald (and novelists like his poetry); and now we can all see a filmic ode to the German writer. The New Directions blog tells us more about the recent release, entitled Patience (After Sebald), from the director of Joy Division, and based on the beloved novel Rings of Saturn: The film made its [...] by

Reading habits, part III December 4, 2009: This post (one resists the temptation to begin “This post-up” and imagine the electronic void one writes into playing zone defense) is part III because I think the fabulous set of comments to my previous post constitutes “Reading habits, part II”, with Gloria Frym’s lecture transcription especially taking care (care!) of any number of [...] by