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What Could Wallace Stevens Teach Romney? October 3, 2012: In a recent post, New Yorker blogger Michelle Dean wonders what sort of politician Wallace Stevens might have been. Stevens earned the equivalent of $350,000 annually as an insurance company VP. He was acutely aware of his remove from the average citizen, and was "shaken" by criticism from the left. One critic to whom [publisher and [...] by

Successful Poets Who Kept Their ‘Other’ Jobs August 14, 2012: While many of us dream of becoming full-time writers, the fact is, several of the most successful poets in recent history have remained at their day jobs. Here are some examples from Publisher's Weekly. Wallace Stevens Day Job: Insurance Executive In perhaps the most direct refusal to trade in a 9-to-5 for a laurel-resting [...] by

Zukofsky reading Stevens at PennSound June 14, 2012: Always digging deep into the archives, Al Filreis over at PennSound serves us this little treat today: Louis Zukofsky performing the poetry of Wallace Stevens from a 1971 lecture he gave at the University of Connecticut. Al has kindly cut up the tracks so we can jump to our favorite poem. On April 29, 1971, Louis Zukofsky gave a lecture [...] by

I broke my fist on your jaw, or Stevens vs Hemingway March 26, 2012: Gosh, writers and their silly little feuds. They can get so worked up! Michelle Dean gives us the scoop on "That Time Wallace Stevens Punched Hemingway" over at The Rumpus. Thankfully, this isn't a celebration of machismo-fueled literary feuds. She starts by telling us: Truth be told I don’t like macho posturing in literary feuds — [...] by

Wallace Stevens’s Hartford February 29, 2012: "In those rare moments when Hartford leaps to mind, I’m guessing that your head does not then turn to watermelon pavilions, a man with a blue guitar, an old sailor catching tigers in red weather or an emperor of ice cream," begins Jeff Gordinier's recent New York Times story on Wallace Stevens' hometown. Gordinier visited the Connecticut [...] by

In which Edwin Torres welcomes the end of Facebook February 22, 2011: This Thursday, February 24, the poet Edwin Torres will read in an event co-sponsored by the Poetry Foundation, Poetry magazine, the Columbia College English department, and the college's Center for Book & Paper Arts. A reception immediately follows the reading. Here, Torres talks briefly about a few figures—Velemir Khlebnikov, David Bowie, and [...] by

Dude, where’s my canon? National Book Foundation contextualizes past poetry winners February 18, 2011: In January, the National Book Foundation announced the forthcoming launch of its blog dedicated to National Book Award-winning poetry. Well, as of February 14th, the blog is upon us! Starting will William Carlos Williams in 1950, each entry is written by a contemporary poet and contains biographical information, contextual background on other [...] by

Nothing in that spam queue December 14, 2009: It used to be the case that I’d type things up fairly quickly after getting them. Now I seem to want more distance between the accumulation of materials and their typing or arranging. I have a notebook recently completely filled (including several pages of drawings by my daughter, notes on various budgetary and job matters, and some odd [...] by