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Wayne Koestenbaum & Other Poet-Writers Bestow Their Favorite Essays August 16, 2013: Over at the Essay Prize is a new roundup of writers handing us their all-time favorite essays--poets included are Wayne Koestenbaum, Jenny Boully, Fanny Howe, Thalia Field, and Ander Monson, all of whom practice the dark arts of prose, too. Nice way into the minds of these peops. We're especially into WK's list: Francis Ponge, [...] by

Wayne Koestenbaum, Kevin Killian to Show at White Columns October 26, 2012: Poet, writer, prof, wonder Wayne Koestenbaum is also a painter! Bookforum's Paper Trail reports: This month, the New York gallery White Columns will show about fifty of Koestenbaum’s artworks, including “some brightly colored self-portraits and a smattering of male nudes.” Speaking to the Observer, Koestenbaum said he paints [...] by

The Cock Behind the Couch & Other Domesticities: Wayne Koestenbaum, Matt Rohrer, Rachel Zucker In Conversation June 4, 2012: New at The Believer, an interesting trio: Wayne Koestenbaum, Matthew Rohrer and Rachel Zucker interview each other. They talk, shall we say, literarily about domesticity. Or domestically about literariness. Rachel writes: "I approached Wayne Koestenbaum and Matthew Rohrer—two poets I greatly admire and who also write about domestic [...] by

An Interview with the Prolific Wayne Koestenbaum at Lambda Literary May 9, 2012: The Volta News points us to an interview with Wayne Koestenbaum at Lambda Literary. The poet and cultural critic has recently published a new book of poems, Blue Stranger with Mosaic Background (Turtle Point Press), and a critical examination of Harpo Marx, The Anatomy of Harpo Marx (University of California Press). He talked with William [...] by

The Steins Collect Wayne Koestenbaum May 20, 2011: "For me, it is I, and it is the only reproduction of me which is always I, for me." Portrait of Gertrude Stein, 1906, by Pablo Picasso (collection Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York) might be a peacock but it’s only one of many: dozens of works from holdings of the Stein family (that’s our Gertrude, her brothers Leo and Michael, and [...] by