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Please Write Poetry April 12, 2010: Good morning. Fence has over the past recent years been implicated, or included, in a number of references to some kind of idea of "hybrid" form in poetry or of a "third way," for example here (post dated 3/22, toward the end of it). The problem with relating these notions to Fence lies in that they are prescriptive, and proscriptive, and Fence is [...] by

David April 9, 2010: by

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Poetry is…. February 16, 2010: Poetry is witness. Vanessa Place Poetry is a small car full of border collies. Jay Ruzesky Poetry is linguistic music. Jon Paul Fiorentino Poetry is a camera, a lunch box, a fire, a magic wand, a time machine, a tongue, a semaphore, a sun, an oak, an archive, a band, a bridge, a ghost, a kiss, a needle, an ocean, and a cat. Evie [...] by