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Fire Struck on the Hylic Plane: Entropy Magazine Debuts with Will Alexander on Antonin Artaud March 26, 2014: We're into the description for Entropy, "[a] new website featuring literary & non-literary content. A website that seeks to engage with the literary community, that becomes its own community, and creates a space for literary & non-literary ideas." We feel like this every day! AND, co-editors Janice Lee and Peter Tieryas Liu have got [...] by

Beyond Baroque Is An Alchemic Hive November 20, 2013: We love the amazing work the folks at Beyond Baroque do, and we equally love hearing Will Alexander talk about the organization's history and presence in the Los Angeles writing scene. For the full story, head to Jacket2. For a taste, check this out: A beacon beaming rays through the mists of an inclement realia not unlike a lighted [...] by

Will Alexander and Alien Weaving June 3, 2013: Stop the presses! Er, we mean, START THE PRESSES! We just caught wind of a fabulous project that seeks to publish poet Will Alexander's novella Alien Weaving. Not only does the campaign seek to put the book into print, but it's also meant to Kick Start further publishing efforts by the small press Anonymous Energy. From their KS [...] by

The Audience is Present (Part I) April 2, 2013: Greetings, poetry lovers!  This month’s for you!  Wishing you all many wonderful, funny, provocative, unsettling, entertaining, and (dare I say) life-changing experiences with poetry in the next thirty days (and beyond).  I’m happy to be sharing a bit of my National Poetry Month with you. Without any further preamble, I’m posting the [...] by

Will Alexander’s Kaleidoscopic Omniscience February 18, 2013: Over the weekend we were excited to see Skylight Press announce the release of a new anthology of poetry by Will Alexander. For those of you, dear readers, who have not yet plowed into the lexical landmines planted in Alexander's poems, head over here to read a few and get acquainted (we'll wait). Ok, Now that your mind is blown this morning, [...] by

Brad Leithauser Remembers Memorizing Poems January 28, 2013: Over at the New Yorker, Brad Leithauser reminds us of the value of memorizing poems. We like memorizing poems. Right now we're working on this one. It's one of our favorites to read, but lord it's rough-going to memorize! Anyhow, asides aside, Leithauser starts off with a reason to memorize that you don't hear all that often: In what would [...] by

Printers’ Ball tonight! July 20, 2012: If you're in Chicago, don't forget that tonight is Printers' Ball! Stop by The Ludington Building at 1104 South Wabash Avenue (that's Columbia College) and check out the celebration of print culture, poetry, music, beer, and Max Headroom? Yep. Harriet will be hosting An Evening of Contemporary Theremin Music with films by Adam Shecter, and [...] by

Walking the political line in poetry and art at MoMA February 2, 2011: In conjunction with the exhibition On Line: Drawing through the 21st Century, MoMA will present a poetry reading tomorrow on the theme of one of the show's key threads: the line of politics. Artists throughout the last century have pushed line across the plane and into real space, thus questioning the relation between the art object and the [...] by

“She is mirage I feverishly address as specific” November 20, 2009: Spent some time in a clinic today, the waiting turning into an interesting duration (every time I encounter the word duration I think of Kenneth Koch staring off into space during an interview saying, “everything lasts a certain period of time….that’s very odd”) within which to read more of Virginia Woolf’s Between The Acts. But once the [...] by

Controllable Git November 15, 2009: One thing that happened the other day was the memorial, at which one found the issue in which one’s article on the other one recently passed was printed. Agh! I was blogging around trying to nosedive into ashes when I saw your site: I partied with the Nakas back in Swan Valley and totally mind-melded with their pets. I changed my name to as a [...] by