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Useless Wooden Toys April 30, 2013: I always dug that title from the New Deal video, aptly taken from Jeff Grosso’s part in Speed Freaks where, laying on a sofa after shaving his eyebrows off says, “…the life of a professional [...] by

Code Unknown: 23 Things About W. H. Auden April 25, 2013: One day, while he and Stephen Spender were students at Oxford, Spender told him that he was thinking of stopping writing poetry. Auden stopped in his tracks, took firm hold of Spender’s arm and [...] by

Successful Poets Who Kept Their ‘Other’ Jobs August 14, 2012: While many of us dream of becoming full-time writers, the fact is, several of the most successful poets in recent history have remained at their day jobs. Here are some examples from [...] by

Exciting and Simple: Lew Welch, William Carlos Williams, and Gertrude Stein August 6, 2012: City Lights Books has just reissued Lew Welch’s Collected Poems, Ring of Bone, with a cover photo of Lew taken in 1965 by his old friend the photographer “Steamboat” Jim Hatch. City [...] by

Can you say “The Red Wheelbarrow” four times fast? May 2, 2012: Al Filreis can and does over at Jacket 2. Check out the good doctor reading “The Red Wheelbarrow” in different ways and at four different readings. by

A Little Love for WCW March 5, 2012: William Carlos died on March 4, 1963. Here’s a few of the many tributes floating around this weekend: A mega-gathering from Roger Ebert. Here’s audio of WCW reading at the 92nd Street Y [...] by

William Carlos Williams in The New York Review of Books February 8, 2012: Adam Kirsch has a long piece on William Carlos Williams in The New York Review of Books. He considers a few recent publications dedicated to WCW’s work—including a critical biography by [...] by

Code Coda April 25, 2011: The letter to the New York Times Book Review that Ange Mlinko mentions in her post caught my eye too, but for different reasons. “Give me code cracking any day” wrote the letter writer, Allen [...] by

Questions for Poetry I April 2, 2011: In the 22nd century, what will the line look like and do?  Will the line continue to have its traditional roots (“traditional” not meaning middle road but rather a haunting presence of [...] by

Operation William Carlos Williams March 21, 2011: For one column, The New Yorker’s Book Bench became a lab bench. Last week, Jeannie Vanasco visited a Poetry Lab hosted by Cabinet magazine in which Princeton professors D. Graham Burnett and [...] by