Spider Crystal Ascension

By Charles Wright b. 1935 Charles Wright
The spider, juiced crystal and Milky Way, drifts on his web through the night sky
And looks down, waiting for us to ascend ...

At dawn he is still there, invisible, short of breath, mending his net.

All morning we look for the white face to rise from the lake like a tiny star.
And when it does, we lie back in our watery hair and rock.

Charles Wright, “Spider Crystal Ascension” from Country Music: Selected Early Poems. Copyright © 1982 by Charles Wright. Reprinted with the permission of Wesleyan University Press, www.wesleyan.edu/wespress.

Source: Country Music: Selected Early Poems (Wesleyan University Press, 1982)


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Poet Charles Wright b. 1935

POET’S REGION U.S., Southern

Subjects Nature, Stars, Planets, Heavens

Poetic Terms Free Verse