It includes the butterfly and the rat, the shit

By Marianne Boruch b. 1950 Marianne Boruch
It includes the butterfly and the rat, the shit   
drying to chalk, trees   
falling at an angle, taking those moist   
and buried rootballs with them   

into deadly air. But someone will   
tell you the butterfly's the happy ending   
of every dirge-singing worm, the rat   
a river rat come up from a shimmering depth,   

the shit passed purely into scat one can read   
for a source, the creature that shadowed it one   
longish minute. And trees, of course they   
wanted to fall. It was their time or something   

equally sonorous. And wind too knows its   
mindless little whirlpool's not for nothing, not   
nothing—that pitch and rage stopped. How else   
does the sparrow's neck break.

Source: Poetry (June 2008).


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Poet Marianne Boruch b. 1950

POET’S REGION U.S., Midwestern

Subjects Social Commentaries