By Cid Corman 1924–2004 Cid Corman
Terror is not – Ed –
sitting in one’s piss.
I know – I’ve sat there –

I’ve slept there and did
most of my childhood.
That was warmth – in fact –

and comfort – in spite
of the unconcealed

smell. Terror? That was
and always will be
Mother cursing Dad

and there there I am
alone in that night
hearing that door slam.

Cid Corman, “Enuresis” from Nothing Doing. Copyright © 1999 by Cid Corman. Reprinted by permission of New Directions Publishing Corporation.

Source: Nothing Doing (New Directions Publishing Corporation, 1999)


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Poet Cid Corman 1924–2004

Subjects Living, Youth, Relationships, Home Life, Family & Ancestors, Social Commentaries