Return on Word

By Kit Robinson Kit Robinson
If we look in the direction
these words will have to do
adding to the enormous burden of words

The entire concept
is entirely too conceptual
all we need is a few good words

Anybody can relate to
to declare an identity
no one can take away

But which ones
a handful of interest
several people in a room

For several hours
couldn’t come up with
the point is to decide

Then move as one
up and down
in an altered state

This is easier said than done
we are getting close, very close
we are getting better

We are going to have a great year
there is going to be hell to pay
it’s gonna to be a fuckin bloodbath

Then the return to words
thought has taken a contract out on
in order to move them around

Kit Robinson, “Return on Word” from The Crave. Copyright © 2002 by Kit Robinson. Reprinted by permission of Atelos.

Source: The Crave (Atelos, 2002)


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Poet Kit Robinson

Subjects Arts & Sciences, Social Commentaries