. . . (In Exion)

By Jennifer Scappettone Jennifer Scappettone
can walk without
a frame, he
whose exions last
and saw into
limbs livid still
the sum, comic,
dome-hosting wall shop
captivating everything in
a proleptic sale
while sand-horse negotiates
his clop versus
some floor one
erected in ardor
prostrate again and
happy penultimate slough-opening
as the news
that distracts from
spectral sass, downing
darkling you weren’t
personal last Saturday
as ponies cyclical
laced the public
grasses compulsorily before
our bower got
scanned despite a
standup’s lawnly heath
and harebells having
become grammar’s shortage
on the stage
hussing up to
a cardboard cloud
passed limb from
limb without its


Jennifer Scappettone, “. . . (In Exion)” from From Dame Quickly. Copyright © 2009 by Jennifer Scappettone. Reprinted by permission of Litmus Press.

Source: From Dame Quickly (Litmus Press, 2009)


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Poet Jennifer Scappettone

POET’S REGION U.S., Midwestern

Subjects Arts & Sciences

Poetic Terms Free Verse