[accumulation of land]

By Myung Mi Kim b. 1957
accumulation of land              maintain household bear      labor of house child

cooking reserve line               belonging to                        elaborate isolation

familias implements               enemies captured in war      bearing child rearing

production heirs number         and rear household             family contains

counting herds possessions     fellow feeling crude             isolate care

family contains in germ          bearing rearing                   accumulation of land

implements of production       cooking reserve line of        the number belonging

counting possessions              heirs                                  the captured

isolated                                 household bear                  rear heirs

feeling crude                         belonging to                       fellow feeling crude

Myung Mi Kim, "’accumulation of land’" from Penury. Copyright © 2009 by Myung Mi Kim.  Reprinted by permission of Omnidawn Publishing.

Source: Penury (Omnidawn Publishing, 2009)


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Poet Myung Mi Kim b. 1957

POET’S REGION U.S., New England

Subjects Living, Parenthood, Relationships, Home Life