God is President, She’s the Rose of the World

By Ana Božičević b. 1977 Ana Božičević
When it’s that time of month
it’s like falling backwards in “time.”
God has abandoned her glass carriage,
she is “dead.”
And the edges of objects: wavy
in the eye that’s about to cry,
a twitter running down the spine of…
Oh God, it can’t be. (Insert song of mourning.)
God and time, spine of the world — yawn, blah, blah, schma…
what I meant to say is
it’s hard to be a capitalist.
If the world’s time is God, and she’s birds
atwitter, then why must I go to work?
The answer writes itself:
left to my own devices I’d just sink into the soil.
That is, write, with dirt
as my pillow.   In the hole between twitters
there’s random patches
of mud-sky. So humid.
There’re chairs growing in hell.
There’re chairs growing in hell,
and people sit on them, my co-workers:
it’s like riding on toadstools
except you don’t know it, or
you kind of know it that time of
That’s when you feel the twitter, the muddy shiver.
You dream of your uncle turning a lamb on a spit
high on a green cliff, with fog thickening around him
and then he’s made to swallow keys and little hammers—
you claw the red clay.
Now wake.
Show me the bouquet!
No, don’t show me the bouquet.
Show me the bouquet!
If you do, I won’t tell on you
to the rose of the world. She can make him hear you up there.
Besides, it’s not a cliff, it’s a chair.
And the rose is God.
Got it?
Gott it?
This is why women should be President.

Ana Bozicevic, "God Is President, She’s the Rose of the World" from Stars of the Night Commute. Copyright © 2009 by Ana Bozicevic.  Reprinted by permission of Tarpaulin Sky Press.

Source: Stars of the Night Commute (Tarpaulin Sky Press, 2009)


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Poet Ana Božičević b. 1977

POET’S REGION Eastern Europe

Subjects Relationships, Men & Women, Activities, Jobs & Working, Religion, God & the Divine, Social Commentaries, Gender & Sexuality