Tyranny of Moths

By Gerald Vizenor b. 1934 Gerald Vizenor
feathery moths
flutter on the screen
sounds of summer

oblivious tonight
that my reading light
is not my day

stout bodies
cut and bounce
near a crack
in the screen
and beat inside
a paper shade
of a monumental
natural presence

we are drawn
by the moths
to other lights
down the road

Gerald Vizenor, “Tyranny of Moths” from Almost Ashore. Copyright © 2006 by Gerald Vizenor. Reprinted by permission of Salt Publishing.

Source: Almost Ashore (Salt Publishing, 2006)


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Poet Gerald Vizenor b. 1934

POET’S REGION U.S., Southwestern

Subjects Nature, Animals, Arts & Sciences, Reading & Books

Poetic Terms Free Verse